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Client Stories - AW Vater

AW Vater

Creating an intuitive and integrated online store

AW Vater & Co is a family owned and operated independent agribusiness founded by Allen Vater in 1957. Passionate about agriculture, it services farmers in rural South Australia with its two retail stores and a grain trading division. With a proud history and dedication to achieving a positive sustainable farming future, AW Vater & Co wanted to make a new online store available to its customers that was customised to best suit their needs.

“The solution we had wasn’t flexible enough or large enough to cover the complexity of our store. It couldn’t fully cater for our ends… Without the Woven team, we could never have done this. We have very limited IT knowledge and would have struggled to achieve a website we were happy with. We felt we always had someone to guide and help us through every little issue… With our e-commerce, we will continue to evolve this side of our business to suit the needs of our customers.” - Rachel Oehme, AW Vater & Co

During its 60th year in business, the company sought out Pronto Woven as it was looking for a fresh start but was also mindful of wanting to keep the look and feel of their business flowing into their online store. It was of vital importance to the company that everything was kept consistent and that the online store felt as down to earth and accessible to customers as their physical stores.

From there, it was time for the Woven team to roll up our sleeves and build a solution that exceeded AW Vater & Co’s goals for its new platform, while keeping in mind the challenges the business was experiencing with its existing solution.

Understanding the audience

To implement a successful solution, we needed a solid understanding of the main audiences currently using the AW Vater & Co website and other audiences who could potentially use the site after implementing the new online ordering system.

We broke things down piece by piece, looking at the different user groups for the website and what their goals for visiting the site were. From there, we were able to determine key areas to focus on: getting AW Vater & Co’s customers' information in a way that was easy to navigate on their end and providing people with consistent messaging and a story that would build on the company’s existing connection with their customers.

From their website to the physical stores and their EDMs: we knew we needed to build a solution that promoted a community feel and helped the business to engage in a meaningful way with its customers.


Our team understood AW Vater & Co’s need for a seamless and straight forward but sophisticated system. The website needed to flow logically so that customers could navigate their way around the website easily.

On the flip side, the business needed to be able to easily update the site and input all of their product information and any news without having to seek external help each time. While showcasing simplicity, the solution needed to be informative and form a logical extension of AW Vater & Co’s physical stores. In a nutshell, it needed to have all of the correct information while being easily accessible and helping its users to make informed decisions about the right products for their farming business.

Keeping in mind that the site’s primary audience are time-poor farmers, we turned our attention to freight needs, being sure to provide a freight calculator so that customers know how much shipping will cost and if it’s more cost-effective to use Click & Collect instead.

Online ordering made easy

As mentioned, we knew freight was an important factor for the site’s target audience, which led us to incorporate Click & Collect into the website. We knew this would result in more customers making purchases from AW Vater & Co in the long-term because they wouldn’t have to pay for shipping and could easily pick-up their order at their nearest store. Any customer who has an account is able to purchase products for the same price that they would in-store.

Another vital component for AW Vater & Co was the addition of stock available automation, which informs staff automatically when stock is low for each product so that they’re aware of when to re-order.


After working with AW Vater & Co to understand their needs, Woven built an Avenue website that is intuitive and allows customers to order their farming supplies online. We ensured that the implementation phase was seamless, simple and smooth so that customers could learn how to quickly use the site and the business could understand how to run it from the get-go.

We listened and took the time to understand what AW Vater & Co wasn’t achieving with its existing platform and listened to the business’ key goals for its new ecommerce solution.

We collaborated and we worked with the business to build an Avenue website that is intuitive and allows customers to order their farming supplies online.

We revealed so once the site was built, we ensured that the implementation phase was seamless. We guided AW Vater & Co’s staff through using the new solution and ensured they understood every facet of the site.

We grow to create a solution that allows AW Vater & Co to build on the incredible reputation within the farming community generated through its physical stores over the last 60 years. The site allows the business to build their online presence and service customers who find placing orders online more suitable for their business and ongoing needs.


We’ll leave this one to AW Vater & Co to answer:

“The ease of integration with our system is a clear benefit for us. There is no doubling up of time of jobs. We have easier control over what products we are selling and how we want them viewed. It’s great for existing customers who can charge their order to their account, rather than pay straight away and there is a greater range of resources for customers.”