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Client Stories - Haymes Paint

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Mixing a proud history with innovation

Established in 1935, Haymes Paint is one of Australia’s leading independent paint manufacturers. Based in Ballarat in South Australia, the family run business (now in the hands of the fourth generation of the Haymes family) is a true-blue Aussie success story with an annual turnover of just under $100 million and employing over 190 staff nationally.

The business is famous for its innovative product development and heritage colour ranges, which enables the restoration of historic Australian homes.

A very important factor for Haymes is the quality of their products and customer relationships. Haymes branded products aren't available in the big, corporate hardware stores as they only sell their products through independent retailers who they have a long-standing relationship with.

Haymes Paint began working with Pronto Software in 1999, utilising an end-to-end business management solution and in the four years that followed, Haymes Paint increased business by 60 per cent, doubling their turnover without increasing their headcount.

App delivers a new shade of performance brilliance

While on the road visiting clients, the field sales representatives at Haymes Paint faced a significant frustration, which wasn’t enabling their desired quality of customer service. Without mobile access to systems while on the go, the team were unable to access and update important information in the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales system.

As a result, to increase productivity and enhance customer service, Haymes Paint realised that they needed a solution that is tailored to their unique demands and decided to partner with Woven.

“We evaluated different solutions but chose to work with the Pronto Woven team on the app development because they proved to really understand our business goals, as well as the demands of our users,” explains Murray Tocchet, CRM and Reporting Manager, Haymes Paint.

By collaborating with Haymes Paint, our team worked to solve this problem by creating a sales app that the field representatives could access via any tablet or Smartphone with a Google Android operating system. This new app created a mobile workforce and enables staff to retrieve and input client updates from anywhere and at any time, ensuring the accuracy of client data held and improving the service they offer clients.

The app developed with Pronto Woven is highly intuitive. New users are able to learn how to use the system very easily because it was designed to suit the way they work. Feedback from our field service staff is positive and this is evidenced by the app’s high adoption rate,” says Tocchet.

Painting a richer picture with business intelligence

Our team decided to extend the app’s functionality with the addition of Pronto Xi’s Business Intelligence (BI) module, which was a key factor to Haymes deciding to update to the latest version of Pronto Xi.

This provides the sales team with instant access to historical data providing a detailed view of trends in a particular account so that they can predict customer needs. The system also displays store pricing and stock availability.

The business’ sales system is now fully digitised with all information available in one platform streamlining their communications. This means that anyone across all Haymes Paint business units can access information as needed.

Tocchet adds: “When our sales staff now visit a customer, they simply open the app and add their notes, rather than be forced to wait until they are logged into the system, which is often only possible after business hours.”

“With the app, information is ready whenever it’s needed, be it for the next visit or for review by managers. Sales staff can even quickly pull up a dashboard to see how their sales pipeline is tracking and plan for their next meetings.”


Haymes Paint wanted its sales team to have remote CRM access and the ability to complete tasks during customer visits when on the road.

We listened to the team at Haymes Paint and designed a mobile application to meet the requirements of its field sales team.

We collaborated to adapt the solution to provide Haymes Paint’s sales staff with greater efficiency/ease of use and enhance customer interactions.

We revealed a solution for Haymes Paint that has transformed its business and enabled easier communication of information and updates for everyone working at Haymes

We grow with Haymes to ensure the solution continues to meet Haymes needs and quality of service.

“Basically, the app that Pronto Woven developed has significantly boosted the motivation of our sales team because it enables them to be more efficient and professional, which has helped increase our sales results."

“The Woven team delivered and our business has never been better,” says Tocchet.