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Client Stories-Vic's Meats

Vic’s Meat

Meating the needs of customers

Established in 1996 by father and son duo, Victor and Anthony Puharich, Vic’s Meat has a proud history as Australia’s leading distributor of premium quality meat. The company services high-end hotels and restaurants, airlines, cafes and pubs across Australia. It has over 3,500 retail customers each week and 700 wholesale clients with two high profile butcher shops in Sydney.

By 2011, the business’ tremendous growth meant that it was quickly outgrowing its existing business management solution. Vic's Meat’s needed a platform that was robust, scalable, and adaptable to support its entire operations. As a B2B and B2C business, they were on the hunt for a provider to support their front end and back of house operations, while ensuring all elements were seamlessly integrated. Woven’s challenge was set and we had our work ahead of us!

“The Pronto partnership is a very important one to our business. Firstly, Pronto is the ERP system that helps drive our business from an accounting and inventory point of view. And we’ve worked with them to develop an online ordering app that bolts onto the ERP system.” says Anthony Puharich, CEO of Vic’s Meat.

Commitment to quality

Vic's Meat’s commitment to supplying Aussies with premium quality meat has helped the business to build its reputation and brand over the years. So much so that the company invested in Swedish software that controls the cut of the meat. It calculates weight and the meat’s dimensions to establish the best cut for the meat and how to get the most out it. This sees the company providing the best quality of meat possible to its customers and minimises wastage.

“We use RFID technology to track and trace the meat through our factory. This ultimately brings our customers closer to the farmer and their butcher. Every step of the way they have complete transparency over what happens to the meat they use in their kitchens,” said Connaugh Sheehan, Group Marketing Manager at Vic’s Meats.

"The company has invested in innovative software that controls the physical cutting of meat. It calculates weight, the meat’s dimensions and density to establish the best cut for the meat and how to get the most out it. This sees the company providing the best quality of meat possible to customers while minimising wastage. To control our portion cutting, we use an innovative piece of equipment sourced from overseas which ensures that not only are we supplying the best quality meat but also providing customers with the exact portion, down to the milli-gram, that they’ve ordered,” continued Sheehan.

Onwards and upwards for Vic’s Meat

Continuing its rapid growth, in 2015, the company looked to enhance its customer and supplier experience even further. And also desired further streamline their processes. It set out to create a customised application and online platform that allowed for easy customer order placement.

Our Challenge

We knew we had our work cut out for us as the interface at play needed to be very user friendly. It had to be quick and easy to access, while factoring in that its users, the chefs, are time poor and are more than likely, going to be placing their orders very early in the morning with little lead time. The solution also needed to be convenient and flexible enough for chefs to use while on the go.

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The platform in action

Our approach was incredibly important to ensure we developed a solution that met the needs of the business. We’re happy to say that Vic's Meat’s online portal allows chefs to place their order on a mobile, tablet or desktop device. Any order placed before 2am will be on its way to the restaurant by 8am the next morning. Talk about speedy service!

"It takes our customers under 2.5 minutes to place an order through our system," said Connaugh Sheehan.

Once a chef has placed an order through the online application, the products selected are automatically integrated into Pronto Xi, feeding directly into the Vic’s Meat order process. This unified procedure sees products picked, packed and dispatched from the warehouse with ease.

“The launch of the online order application has had a significant impact on our business in terms of operational efficiencies. It has reduced the level of data entry required and significantly improved order accuracy removing the risk of human error translating and keying in orders. Our online ordering system has eliminated these issues."

“Most importantly, from a customer point of view, ordering with us is simple. We’re more relevant and convenient for our customers. We’re also able to provide customers with a larger product range and a one-stop-shop, including access to order history, outstanding invoices and the status of their orders,” said Guy Haslehurst. Chief Financial Officer at Vic’s Meat,

Cooking up a smoking success

Thanks to the business intelligence technology within Pronto Xi that links to the online portal and pulls order information, the team at Vic’s Meat can now extract deeper insights into what products customers are buying and track purchasing trends.

This valuable data allows the company to predict future purchasing patterns and continue to diversify its product offering to meet changing industry needs.

“The integration between the front end point of sale system and the back office is instantaneous. We have instant access at head office to the information around what is taking place at our retail stores. As well as providing increased order accuracy, customer satisfaction, and a reduction in admin, the Pronto Xi offering allows our business to be the best it can be,” says Haslehurst.

The app allows Vic's Meat to create a personalised menu for customers based on their previous orders, which usually remain the same. This makes for an even smoother streamlined experience for customers while using the online portal.


Vic’s Meat required an online portal solution that could would reflex the quality and efficiency of the Vic's Meat brand. Woven delivered a solution that sees Vic’s Meat continuing its long history of being a cut about the rest.

How did we do it?

We listened to the team at Vic’s Meat to deliver a customisable online portal solution to enable their customers to place orders more easily.

We adapted the solution so that it met the criteria which would enable chefs to make orders anytime late at night to early morning quickly and easily with small lead time.

We revealed a more efficient method for their customers to place orders which allows the order information to be received automatic to Vic's Meats through Pronto Xi, improving accuracy of the order and delivery time to be as early as possible.

We grow with Vic's Meat to ensure they can continue to deliver quality experiences to their customers

“Pronto Software really is the backbone of our business,” says Anthony Puharich.