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Real Time Analytics

Revolutionise your business results with real-time analytics

We’re living in a golden age for marketers where real-time analytics provide us with invaluable customer and enterprise data, processes and technologies. The information we collect allows our specialists to gain more in-depth insights than ever before so we can work with you to better service your customers.

Data is central to our ability to measure your marketing efforts quantitatively. That said, copious amounts of data alone are useless but when you work with Woven, you’ll benefit from our team’s skilled interpretation of data and key metrics that enable us to make educated predictions about the online marketing strategies that have the most potential to work for your business.

In today’s super-charged online world, a reactive approach isn’t enough to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand. Consumers are savvier than ever and they have greater expectations in terms of what your business should know about them, their behaviours and as a result, how you should be interacting with them.

Powerful insights to supercharge your online business

Measurement is an integral part to any Digital Strategy and here are just a few examples of what key metrics our team uses to track the success of your campaigns:

  • Number of emails sent, open rates, click through rates and unsubscribes
  • Conversations, which depends on what your Call to Action (CTA) is
  • Conversion rates

Any real-time analytics we collect are used to assess if you’re enhancing your business outputs. Considerations we take into account include:

  • Where real-time analytics would be best implemented according to your current business model
  • The results of a cost-benefit analysis
  • How we can use real-time analytics to enhance your customers’ overall experience with your brand

Technology has paved the way to maximise your business results by using data insights and real analytics to improve how you’re engaging with your target market. Woven works alongside your team to position your brand at the forefront of your industry.

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