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Avenue: bringing sophistication to ecommerce

Avenue, our fully integrated ecommerce solution, caters for all of your in-house business processes. Our team of experts have harnessed decades’ worth of experience working with medium and large businesses to design an ecommerce solution that fully integrates into existing business systems.

Avenue enables real time integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, eliminating the need to manage back-end systems. We’ve built this system to arm your business with the tools it needs to maximise productivity, efficiency and as a result, increase your bottom line.

With Avenue:

  • Key product information and pricing flows directly from your ERP, meaning you do not duplicate your workload over two technologies
  • Product stock availability and category assignment is fully automated
  • Schedule promotions in advance and once they’re live, promotions will automatically apply online and/or in-store
  • Show customer special pricing online
  • Account information makes it easy for your finance team to understand how online sales and discounts impact your gross margin

When you choose Avenue, you’re delivering your customers with a consistent shopping experience, both in-store and online, while benefiting from our team’s ongoing support, whenever you need it. With a focus on building the best possible omni-channel experience for your customers, Avenue works to effortlessly position your business as a market leader and is a key component in the wider Pronto-Xi suite.

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