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Gaining meaningful insights to boost growth

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the business world is rich with data these days. This data enables you to make informed decisions about your Business Strategy in both the short and long-term.

Here at Woven, we love all things analytics and data and we believe in getting you the insights you need to take action. With our extensive range of analytics and reporting tools, you’ll have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Analyse everything from your top customers to your best performing products and promotions. Our suite of tools help you to identify new growth opportunities, all while enabling you to review your store’s recent activity, gain insights from web visitors and view your store’s transactions.

Business analytics are about more than transaction records and web traffic data. It takes business intelligence to build successful ecommerce brands that boast longevity. Our tools help your team to:

  • Make decisions with confidence - our tools place product and customer trends that help to drive sales at your fingertips
  • Gain deeper customer insights - devising a Strategy to target and segment your customers to increase sales has never been easier thanks to Woven’s analytics tools.
  • Access snapshots at a quick glance - a simple dashboard with analytic snapshots pinpoints vital information for your team to work with on the fly.
  • Draw detailed reports - drill into detailed reports from your dashboard with a few simple clicks.

Add-ons to pave the way for ecommerce success

With Woven’s business analytics add-ons, there is no guesswork involved in devising the strategies that help to maximise your company’s performance. By testing and measuring relevant data, your team has quick access to the information it needs to make informed decisions using detailed data.

Our passionate problem solvers have designed these analytics tools to help your business to grow and evolve. It’s time to put them to good use!


Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics (GA) integration makes accessing the data your business needs seamless

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