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Ensuring your content delivery allows hits the mark

By having a content delivery network (CDN), you’re setting your business up for success. A CDN consists of a group of servers that are geographically distributed and work together to deliver content to better enhance customer experience. It helps users to load a website faster by serving static resources in nodes all around the world.

Our team of experts have devised this Avenue solution with the knowledge that more and more daily aspects of our lives are transitioning online.

Benefits of having a CDN include:

  • Access to high capacity infrastructures: regardless of how great your hosting is, it won’t have the capacity or scalability of a CDN
  • Distributed data centres: if your main web server is based in Sydney, users located in Europe or even Asia take a number of trans-continental hops when accessing your site. A CDN provides localised data centres that are closer to the user and deliver faster download speeds
  • Boosting your site’s performance: a CDN distributes the load and saves bandwidth
  • Enhancing your site’s overall ability: record lower bounce rates, higher page views, more repeat visitors
  • Reducing the overload and over-reliance on one single server: a CDN sees multiple servers to cater for more users at any one time

A CDN supports your website in providing better customer experience via an ecommerce site that is super-fast and performs in a far superior way. Woven offers CDN services on a pay as you use basis.

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