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Promotion Pages

Supercharge your promotion conversions with Avenue

Promotions are one of the four basic elements of any online business’ standard marketing mix. They’re what help to get those customers who’ve been waiting in the wings, over the line and making a purchase. All while increasing your average customer spend for loyal shoppers. Armed with our many years’ worth of experience working with ecommerce businesses, we’ve ensured our clients have what they need at their fingertips to give their promotions an added boost.

Avenue helps you to crank your promotions up a gear by linking your Pronto Xi Promotion engine to web pages within Avenue. This sees you advertising your promotions automatically and Avenue will manage all of the key aspects of your promotional activities.

Power your promotions by:

  • Easily creating your promotion pages and advertising your offers
  • Benefiting from any products linked to a promotion being automatically added to promotion pages
  • Showcasing campaign based landing pages on your site that link and tie into your email marketing campaigns and advertisements to ensure consistent messaging

Having a promotions page is one thing and the reality is, many businesses struggle to attract their target market to their offers. Make your promotions process easier and more successful by linking Pronto Xi Promotion engine to web pages within Avenue today - doing so is easy, simply ask our team.

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