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Google Analytics

Utilise access to powerful insights

There’s a reason Google Analytics (GA) is the market leading analytics program: it helps businesses across every sector to boost their bottom line. For anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a data buff like we do, the good news is that you no longer need to be a GA whizz to generate the information that you need to drive better business results.

When we integrate GA directly into the back-end of your Avenue ecommerce website, you’ll gain immediate access to powerful preconfigured reports, including reports that are mapped against actual Pronto debtors.

By tracking individual user behaviour, you’ll see exactly how your website is performing, while also being able to understand the breakdown according to specific debtors.

Helping you to gain the information you need

You can contact our team for a full list of GA reports but we’ve listed some of the most popular below:

  • User countries and cities
  • Debtor ordering
  • Product revenue
  • Devices used to view site
  • Traffic source
  • Session page views
  • Most/least visited web pages

All of the information related to these reports are available to you via one simple click through to your Admin Console in the back-end of your website. These reports help you to answer important questions such as: what devices are customers using? Are our promotional pages converting? Where are people spending the majority of their time on-site?

Our GA integration gives you a more complete picture of what people are doing when they visit your site and gone are the days when only data nerds could decipher how GA ticks. Avenue’s predefined reports make it easy for you to extract the information you need about your site, your customer’s behaviour and how your separate debtors are performing. Everything you need to know to make informed business decisions and drive long-term online growth!

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