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Click & Collect

Increase foot-traffic in-store by using Click & Collect on your website

We understand the steps to a customer making a purchase vary from person-to-person. Taking this into account, pairing a strong online channel with a physical store can create a compelling and rewarding customer experience. Avenue’s Click & Collect solutions assist with orchestrating meaningful and consistent customer interactions across multiple channels. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and positive business results - all while keeping you in control and your customers informed with real-time information.

Avenue’s Click & Collect feature can be set-up across multiple locations, allowing customers to select their nearest store for pick-up. Before any purchase is completed, they’ll be able to see whether the product is available based on their location. Pre-orders and deposits can easily be set-up so customers can reserve items and even order and pay their total balance when collecting their purchases.

Our team takes the time to understand your organisation’s unique business processes. Once we’ve learned about the ins and outs, we’ll tailor a Click & Collect solution that provides your customers with a consistent experience across each of your brand’s channels. This attention to detail helps your business to maximise its business results in the long-term.

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