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Social Channels

Reach and sell your products to billions of Facebook users

Leveraging the power of Facebook is one of the most powerful business tools you’ve got up your sleeve thanks to Pronto Xi Avenue’s powerful marketing add-on.

Once set-up properly, our powerful Facebook add-on sends all ecommerce data to Facebook Ads, allowing your business to leverage dynamic ads and ad retargeting. We help your business to take full advantage of powerful remarketing features for Facebook ads based on user behaviour and targeted dynamic product adverts.

In addition to reaching billions of users worldwide, Facebook advertising presents businesses with a unique advantage over almost all other internet advertising channels as it allows you to target via age, gender and interests which is incredibly powerful in terms of direct targeting. Pay-per-click advertising networks cannot currently drill down and target their adverts in a similar way.

Ensure your Instagram is seen

Share your social game with your website audience and showcase your Instagram feed on your Avenue website. Partnering with Elfsight, utilise a plugin which will display all your photos and content from Instagram. Use this website traffic to help gain a new Instagram audience and number of followers at the same time.

Some of the features you can benefit from are:

  • Choose which photos will be shown to your audience with two filters. Either use the “Exclude” filter to hide photos from selected profiles or hashtags or the “Only” filter which displays photos only from specified public accounts, or with the required tags or photo URLs
  • Show your stunning photos in two layout options – Slider and Grid. These can be customised to show as many or as little columns and rows of photos you like
  • Choose what your posts will look like, by either hiding details away to just showcase your photos or show all the usual info such as name of the user, text, date, comments, likes etc.
  • Customise the title for your Instagram feed to reflect your brand or add some colour to your Instagram Feed
  • Choose to show your content in full size or play videos with the Pop up mode
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