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Star Track

Take a hands-off approach to order tracking that also satisfies customers

Managing order tracking can be difficult and time consuming. Our team of experts have developed a solution that reduces the administrative burden and allows your customers to track their orders without your involvement. It’s made possible by our StarTrack Couriers integration.

When you add client consignment numbers into Pronto Xi, an email is automatically generated and sent to your customers detailing any orders they have placed. The email includes a clickable link to StarTrack’s site and their information is pre-populated for easy order tracking.

In the long-term, this handy integration helps you to increase customer satisfaction by reducing concerns regarding order tracking while boosting your quality of service.

At Woven, we’re here to take the load off your shoulders. By simplifying standard communication practices with your customers, you benefit from cutting down your workload, while providing your customers will full control over their orders. Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger once the integration is set-up!

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