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Provide consistent and meaningful customer experiences

Fact: Customers who shop across multiple channels have a higher lifetime value than single channel customers, both in terms of revenue and their likelihood to remain loyal to your brand. In other words, these are the customers you want more of! Therefore, it’s time to forget about channel silos and drive your business across every available platform including, mobile, digital, in-store, via social media and with your next level customer service.

With Avenue, your business can deliver a seamless customer experience however your customer is exposed to your brand. Utilising years’ worth of experience working alongside online businesses, our team has developed omni-channel software integrations which cater for the modern business. The modern buyer’s journey is one that extends across multiple channels - today’s consumer expects to be able to make a purchase online, in-store, on social media or via a trusted sales professional. Every ecommerce business needs to cater for a world in which one purchase often involves many channels.

Avenue allows your business to sell everywhere and anywhere, all while arming you with key integration tools that serve as the central hub for all of your existing channels. This means that you can sell to customers via:

Your online store

Exceed customer expectations with a responsive website design that looks fantastic and functions beautifully on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.



Utilise an add-on which makes connecting with Shopify easy.

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Physical stores

When you connect Avenue with Pronto Xi Point of Sale for your digital and physical stores, your customers will be able to research online before making a purchase in-store. They’ll also be able to use Click & Collect from your store and access both their personal and loyalty accounts. This way, you’re connecting all touchpoints.

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Customer Relationship Management

Must-have tools for your sales team that allows them to plan more activities, track their sales progress, easily manage any offers, gain access to needed real-time information and updates to hold better engagements with your customers.


Mobile Sales & CRM

Empower your sales team with enhanced information while on the go providing more meaningful engagements with your customers.

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Shift the way you interact with Salesforce and simplify your processes with an automated link between Salesforce to Pronto Xi with Woven’s standard connector.

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Online marketplaces

Get your brand and products in front of billions of shoppers by having stores on high-traffic marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.



Avenue’s eBay integration feature makes it easy to tap into one of the biggest online marketplaces

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Avenue connects your Amazon store with your website seamlessly

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Social media

Want customers to be able to purchase via social media channels like Facebook, Avenue makes exposing your products to new audiences easy and possible. Gain more reach and provide your customers with a simpler and more seamless user experience through our integration solutions.

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Delight your customers

Avenue’s streamlined channel management functionality makes selling across these various channels, effortless. Regardless of whether you’re making a sale from your website, social media channel or any online marketplace, the purchase is processed via the Avenue platform. Best of all, every sale made is automatically synced back to Pronto Xi, eliminating the headaches that often come with omni-channel selling (multiple listings, data entry errors and so on).

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