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eBay Connector

Drive sales by integrating your website with eBay

With millions of customers shopping via eBay, your business has an incredible opportunity to reach more people globally via this online marketplace. For many shoppers, eBay is their first stop online when they’re looking for a specific item so if your business doesn’t have a presence on their platform, you’re leaving the door wide open for your competitors.

As one of the biggest online shopping networks in the world, eBay attracts thousands of shoppers each day who are on the hunt for a wide range of products. Anyone logging onto eBay looking for an item your business sells, is a potential customer. By becoming a registered seller on eBay, you’re connecting with a huge customer database instantly and benefitting from the opportunity to drive customers directly to your website for future purchases. This is why you need an ecommerce platform that integrates seamlessly into eBay.

A seamless Add-on

Avenue’s optional add-on makes it easy for you to automatically add your customers' eBay orders into your database. All you need is your seller’s eBay credentials and from there, it’s just a matter of loading them into the system, which Avenue does automatically. Our team is more than happy to help you set up your eBay store and the integration if you encounter any difficulty.

Once you’re up and running on eBay, as your customers browse through your business’ products listed on eBay, they’ll be offered a “also by this client” recommendation. Your eBay sandbox credentials will also allow you to load products from your testing site into a sandbox eBay, which is essential for assessing your sales flow, from adding a new item in eBay to purchase and the creation of a picking slip.

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