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Magento Connector

Growing your business has never been easier

If you haven’t considered how your business can benefit from working alongside ecommerce web-site solutions tailored for business-to-consumer audiences, now’s the time!

By integrating Pronto Xi to Magento, one of the world’s most popular ecommerce solutions, you’re exploring how to generate additional revenue for your business. Once new customers have discovered your brand, you can then focus on encouraging their next purchase to take place directly via your website.

Thanks to our Magento add-on, connecting your store with your Pronto Xi data set to facilitate cross-platform ordering, is simple. The add-on allows your business to import products from Avenue into Magento and then forward orders received via Magento back into Avenue.

You never have to worry about order fulfilment issues as the application automatically checks Avenue before placing any orders to prevent customers making purchases that can’t be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Pronto Xi takes care of your stock management needs.

Our connector

Our team of experts have automated the entire process, meaning less costly errors in the form of data re-keying on your end. The integration can also be performed over multiple touchpoints to streamline business processes, while product, pricing and inventory information is integrated into Magento.

Any order information is exchanged with Pronto Xi and shipping details can be passed back onto Magento upon fulfilment of the order. Of course, your customers won’t notice that any of this is taking place behind the scenes but they will benefit from speedier data exchange and as a result, better service and efficiency levels.

With Woven, getting onto one of the world’s most popular marketplaces is easier than ever. We’ll provide you with a fully managed solution so your focus can remain on what you do best: selling your products!

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