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Client Stories - Barenbrug NZ

One in five

Nurturing seed innovation

Barenbrug NZ, a plant breeding and research company from the Royal Barenbrug Group, have been part of New Zealand’s pastoral landscape for over 30 years. From their extensive research and expertise, Barenbrug create premium pastures products including Trojan, Shogun, Tabu+, Tyson and Rohan. These products have been cultivated through their investment in seed laboratories, microbiology, seed production specialists, plant breeders and agronomists.

To further ‘help framers thrive’, Barenbrug were motivated by feedback from their customers to provide greater visibility of order information. Traditionally, customers were calling up Barenbrug’s service team for status updates on their seed orders and check stock availability.

Kate Calder, Marketing communications manager for Barenbrug NZ said, “Our objective was one point of contact and source of truth for product availability and order information. Previously, customers would just receive an email with these details and it was unknown if they were checking this email or previously sent emails that contained outdated information. Customers were having to call our customer service team while they were in store with the farmer which is not ideal. It was quite a difficult process for them to find the information they needed.”

Already utilising Pronto Xi for their ERP and desiring that one source of truth, Barenbrug NZ decided to partner with the Pronto Woven team to help enhance their customer communication and experience.

“We knew that with our ERP being Pronto Xi, naturally we wanted to work with Pronto Software and see if they have what we required. We already had a relationship with them, and we knew with Pronto Woven exactly what service we would be receiving. We also did not have to worry about needing to communicate with multiple companies to get the project done.” said James Brown, IT Systems Analyst for Barenbrug NZ.

Conditioning the right soil

The key focus for this project was ensuring essential information such as product availability and order information were easily accessible. Customers needed to be able to search by order number and view the tracking record of their orders. Pronto Woven leveraged their existing platform, Pronto Xi Customer Central to streamline Barenbrug’s order management process with a single integrated touchpoint, utilising the data already existing in their ERP. This equipped both Barenbrug and their customers with accurate real-time information and enabled their customers to timely self-serve from anywhere, at any time.

“We've received awesome feedback from our customers including comments it’s so simple to use. Instead of receiving five emails from ordered to shipped, they just login and check statuses. There is now version control because there is only one central place everyone is checking for the same current information, which removes that previous ambiguity,” explained Calder.

Working within a requested tight deadline, Pronto Woven were able to timely implement the solution for Barenbrug.

“Working with Pronto Woven was seamless. What was promised was delivered and even in the short timeline we wanted. The team were very upfront, honest and straightforward. They were quick to respond and assist whenever there were any issues,” Calder said.

“Last season before the portal, our customer service team received so many phone calls. Whereas this season, even though we were down a person, luckily because the portal was live it saved the team time and we did not fall behind in our order processing,” Continued Brown

The greener pasture

With the new portal, Barenbrug’s customers have visibility over their orders and can self-serve the information they need.

“Now, our customers can just login into the portal and find exactly what they are looking for themselves. They can check their order status and find their tracking number without hassling the customer service team. Even though it has only been live for a short time, our business would miss portal if it was gone,” said Brown

The solution not only greatly benefited their customers but also in unexpected ways for Barenbrug themselves.

“The greatest impact Customer Central has had was to our customer service team. While it was not our original aim, our team has really benefited with 66% reduction of service calls. This has saved a lot of time and in turn improves the customer experience because our team are processing more orders rather than following up on previously placed orders,” continued Brown