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Integrations to advance your business

Pronto Xi Avenue is a fully integrated ecommerce solution which has been built by our team of experts who understand all of the complexities and nuances that come with running successful ecommerce businesses. The flexibility of Avenue’s framework can support your business today and well into the future as you continue to grow.

Our developers have extensive experience working with various systems and developing applications that can push and pull data. This allows us to integrate any necessary API into your technology stack or write a new API so you can connect and share data to your existing site with ease. These integrations will allow you to connect your store with the systems and tools you rely on to run your business efficiently and effectively. We’ve listed some of the most popular integrations available below.

Pronto Xi ERP, powerful and robust software

Pronto Xi Avenue has the advanced tools and native, pre-built integrations out of the box that allow you to maintain momentum by connecting to your existing Pronto Xi ERP. As part of the Pronto community, we specialise in seamlessly integrating Pronto Xi with Avenue or other ecommerce platforms to provide consistent data and more efficient operations that allow them to run their entire business from end-to-end.

Without effective communication, you are faced with all sorts of issues, including staff manually re-enter ecommerce data into the ERP, mismatched inventory data between the two systems, increased data duplication errors and more. This can greatly impact businesses when trying to scale and grow as ERPs are the lifeblood of most successful brands.

With Avenue, your business can use its existing branding, inventory and customer data to generate a wholesale storefront. ERP software provides the holistic overview every business needs and is designed to provide a rich overview of all applications running within an organisation’s information system. For added flexibility and choice of connectivity, Avenue offers industry standard REST APIs that enable other applications to access Pronto Xi data via the web.

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Our other integrations

SSL certificate


Level up your Shopify store by connecting effortlessly to the power Pronto Xi .

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Digital Catalogue


Position your brand within the reach of a billion customers by using Avenue to connect your eBay store to Pronto Xi with ease.

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Payment Solutions


Easily connect your online store to Amazon, one of the most popular marketplaces, and increase your business’ reach in seconds.

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Auto Info


Make connecting to Salesforce quick and simple so that you can instantly continue to manage your sales, customer service and more.

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Content Distribution Network

Auto Info

We’ve embraced our inner rev-heads to develop a cutting-edge AutoInfo connector for the automotive sector.

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Marketing Automation


Provide your customer an extraordinary deliver service by easily integrate StarTrack to your Pronto Xi Avenue store.

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Order Fulfilment


Turbocharge your email marketing today by connecting your store to MailChimp and start building long-term relationships with your customers.

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Invoice Payments

Social Channels

Drive your brand’s presence by leveraging the power of social media and connecting to a new audience.

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Google Analytics

Draw reports quickly and whenever you need to make it easier than ever to track your online performance. It’s all automated so there is no need to do anything manually.

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