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Hosting solutions to meet your needs

Depending on your specific requirements, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense for business’ to establish and maintain their own IT infrastructure. At Woven, you can count on us to provide you with flexible, reliable and cost-effective managed hosting solutions that allow you to easily scale and to test various approaches.

As early adopters of cloud-based infrastructure, our team of experts have been working with cloud technology for over a decade now. Our developers know our stuff when it comes to scalability, load balancing and of course, security.

Once your managed hosting is firing on all cylinders, our team looks after:

  • Back-ups – we’ll set-up and manage your back-up and recovery solutions using leading technologies and best industry practices.
  • Security updates – we manage the operating system and take care of all of your network security needs, maintain security patches and ensure that your business is kept as secure as possible.
  • Configuration services – Woven’s architecture enables fast configuration of any required infrastructure. We’ll have your web applications up and running quickly and correctly.
  • Service migration – our platform allows for continuous development, while catering for deployment as new requirements arise such as upgrades, the need to sale or disaster recovery.
  • Updates and patches – whenever your website isn’t operating at 100%, we’re notified straight away so we can start investigating the problem.
  • Monitoring – thanks to the latest cutting-edge tools, our team of experts have full visibility over your site’s performance, uptime and overall health. We collect key metrics and other information to ensure your business runs smoothly.
  • Logging – we log all of your running applications so we can manage and analyse the log data. We’re then able to address any infrastructure requirements and ensure your website is performing at its best, 100 per cent of the time!

Handball your server and website management over to our team of experts. We’ll do what needs to be done while providing you with the updates you need, whenever you need them.


Ensuring your content delivery hits the mark

By having a content delivery network (CDN), you’re setting your business up for success. A CDN supports your website in providing better customer experience via an ecommerce site that is super-fast and performs in a far superior way. Woven offers CDN services on a pay as you use basis.

Benefits of having a CDN include:

  • Access to high capacity infrastructures: regardless of how great your hosting is, it won’t have the capacity or scalability of a CDN
  • Distributed data centres: if your main web server is based in Sydney, users located in Europe or even Asia take a number of trans-continental hops when accessing your site. A CDN provides localised data centres that are closer to the user and deliver faster download speeds
  • Boosting your site’s performance: a CDN distributes the load and saves bandwidth
  • Enhancing your site’s overall ability: record lower bounce rates, higher page views, more repeat visitors
  • Reducing the overload and over-reliance on one single server: a CDN sees multiple servers to cater for more users at any one time
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