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Pronto Xi Avenue for Ecommerce

Integrating business operations

A significant problem for online wholesalers or retailers is the sheer complexity of working with disparate systems. Typically, businesses usually manage multiple systems for each operation function such as ecommerce, warehouse, inventory, distribution, suppliers and customers.

Frustratingly, these systems are usually not integrated and building complete performance reports require hours of manual data exports and imports. Pronto Woven have designed Pronto Xi Avenue as a fully integrated ecommerce solution to ensure that siloed ecommerce platforms are a distant memory.

Avenue: for all your business requirements

With Pronto Xi Avenue, we focus on building an unforgettable user experience for your customers and staff so all key business processes can be completed efficiently and are implemented as close to real time online, as possible.

As part of Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and analytics software, Avenue seamlessly integrates to other powerful applications aligned to the key features of eCommerce. From Financials to manage accurate reporting to Inventory, Distribution and CRM. This means all key details remain in Pronto Xi – from pricing to order management – and are in-sync across omnichannel operations. From a user experience perspective, this means customers are provided with a consistent experience regardless of whether they’re interacting with a brand in-store, online or over the phone.

Using our wealth of knowledge and many years’ worth of experience in the digital space, our team ensures Avenue exceeds your expectations in the following key areas:

  • Accounting – fully integration into Pronto Xi ERP, provide your finance team with the tools required to easily understand how online sales and discounts impact your gross margin
  • Products and pricing – add product information and pricing once only for inventory purposes
  • Promotions – set up your promotions so they can be scheduled into the system in advance. Once live, they’ll automatically appear online and in-store. For online exclusives, you’ll also be able target relevant promotions
  • Order consistency – Avenue ensures all customers, both in-store and online, enjoy the same shopping experience

Payment gateways

In the highly competitive online environment, making things as easy as possible for your customers, is likely to drive your business profits higher. This means offering them a range of payment solutions to accommodate and cater for the way your customers wish to pay. Equip your website with the payment solutions that will help to seal the deal when your customers are contemplating making a purchase.



Join more than 28,000 businesses that have chosen Eway to provide effortless online payments. Their flexible, award-winning solutions offer full automation and seamless integration. Enjoy fast settlements, access to real-time data and detailed reporting, and flat rate transaction fees.

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Secure Pay


Integrate SecurePay on your Avenue site with ease, for no extra fees supporting both on-time payment recurring payments. SecurePay’s FraudGuard reduces consumers’ exposure to potentially fraudulent transactions by detecting fraud before it occurs providing peace of mind.

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After Pay


Help your business to get paid instantly by installing Afterpay on your site andallow your customers pay for your service or product in four instalments every 14 days. There is zero risk to you as a merchant as Afterpay assumes all end-customer non-payment risks for every transaction processed via your website.

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Zip Pay


Add zipPay to your site simply and hassle free allowing your customers to buy now and pay later online. There’s no interest involved and it’s a fast and easy credit solution with instant approval for up to $1000 in shopping credit. Best of all, no deposit is required for customers to complete their order.

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Zip Pay


Effortlessly set-up PayPal Express Checkout on your site and cutting down the time it takes for customers to securely make their purchase via your store while also catering for people who don’t necessarily want to register onto your site. This integration supports both on-time payment as well as recurring payments.

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Digital Catalogue to extend reach

Build more catalogues and release them quicker than any other retailer thanks to a predefined catalogue layout that can be edited and modified on the go. The catalogues you create will integrate seamlessly with your Avenue ecommerce solution so customers can flip through your online catalogue and then continue browsing and purchasing from your site.

Create promotional pages or feature articles about your products within your catalogue and then link any related products to the relevant promotional page. Your sales team can tailor these catalogues to specific customers rather than relying on your marketing team to create every company catalogue.

Key benefits of Avenue’s Digital Catalogue include:

  • Your customers to browse and then click through to make a purchase
  • Expand the reach of any print catalogue campaign by running a complementary digital catalogue
  • Generate offline PDFs of your catalogues and build an online catalogue with ease

MailChimp connector for email automation

The MailChimp connector offers end-to-end integration by linking email subscribers from Pronto Xi’s Point of Sale (POS), Pronto Xi CRM and Avenue. This allows you to connect with your customers easily and on a regular basis to build your brand and grow your business. Of course, the connector means you’ll never have to worry about updating your subscribe/unsubscribe lists, leaving you to focus on maximising your campaigns!

The key benefits of our MailChimp connector include:

  • Linking any Pronto CRM campaigns to a target list so your team can run automated targeted email campaigns
  • Emailing relevant customers specific product recommendations by using existing sales data
  • Developing abandoned cart email workflows by using the ecommerce data
  • Automatic updates across Pronto CRM, Avenue and MailChimp

StarTrack for order fulfillment

Managing order tracking can be difficult and time consuming. Our team have developed a solution that reduces the administrative burden and allows your customers to self-track their orders.

When you add client consignment numbers into Pronto Xi, an email is automatically generated and sent to your customers detailing any orders they have placed. The email includes a clickable link to StarTrack’s site and their information is pre-populated for easy order tracking. In the long-term, this handy integration helps you to increase customer satisfaction by reducing workload.

Google Analytics for ROI tracking

Good news you no longer need to be a Google Analyics whizz to generate the information that you need to drive better business results. All of the information and reports you need are available via one simple click through your Admin Console in the back-end of your website. By integrating GA directly into your Pronto Xi Avenue website, you’ll gain immediate access to powerful preconfigured reports, including reports that are mapped against actual Pronto debtors. By tracking individual user behaviour, you’ll see exactly how your website is performing, while also being able to understand the breakdown according to specific debtors.

The most popular reports are included:

  • User countries and cities
  • Debtor ordering
  • Product revenue
  • Devices used to view site
  • Traffic source
  • Session page views
  • Most/least visited web pages

Sell with your social channels


Leveraging the power of Facebook with Pronto Xi Avenue. Our powerful Facebook add-on sends all ecommerce data to Facebook Ads, allowing your business to leverage dynamic ads and ad retargeting. We help your business to take full advantage of powerful remarketing features for Facebook ads based on user behaviour and targeted dynamic product adverts.


Share your social game with your website audience and showcase your Instagram feed on your Avenue website. Partnering with Elfsight, utilise a plugin which will display all your photos and content from Instagram. Use this website traffic to help gain a new Instagram audience and number of followers at the same time.

Some of the features you can benefit from are:

  • Choose which photos will be shown to your audience with two filters. To either “Exclude” photos from selected profiles/hashtags or “Only” display photos from specified public accounts, or with the required tags/photo URLs
  • Show your stunning photos in two layout options – Slider and Grid. These can be customised to show the number of columns and rows you like
  • Choose what your posts will look like, by either hiding details away to just showcase photos or show all the usual info
  • Customise the title for your Instagram feed to reflect your brand or add some colour to your Instagram Feed
  • Choose to show your content in full size or play videos with the Pop-up mode
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