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Pronto Xi Sync for Auto Info

Positioning Automotive at the forefront of technology

The most successful businesses are always one step ahead of the competition and we’ve developed our Avenue AutoInfo connector for leading automotive companies.

By enabling access to an automotive database, suppliers are able to establish a relationship between their products (using their item code structure) and the extensive range of vehicles that the product can be used in. Avenue references the information to create a search mechanism on the site based on the car query. Users can then look for the product based on the make, model and type of vehicle, with results displaying any available parts that are suitable.

So how does it work? Woven’s team of experts (and car aficionados) have developed the AutoInfo connector, which draws on the user’s AutoInfo credentials to gain the relevant information. The search variation is based on the client’s needs in terms of how they’d like users to search for products.

Please note you’ll need AutoInfo set-up before you can put this tool to good use - simply ask our team for help and we’ll get you sorted.

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