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Pronto Xi Sync for Shopify

Benefit from harnessing the power of Shopify

By quickly and easily integrating Pronto Xi to one of the world’s most popular B2C ecommerce solutions, you’re opening your business to new opportunities now with simplified process and stable back of house functionality. With Pronto Xi Sync-Shopify, you can easily connect your Shopify store with your Pronto Xi data, further utilise the functionality of your ERP together with your online store, providing your team with real-time inventory clarity and sales insights.

Sync with a secure and scalable connector

With automated bi-directional data flow, this is an ideal way of maintaining your inventory and sale orders in Shopify. You are streamlining products and orders instantly, eliminating any need for re-entering data and costly errors that often come with manual data entry. Along with increased accuracy, the speed of the data exchange is enhanced improving your service and efficiency levels at the same time.

Your product, price and inventory information is directly updated into Shopify and order information and shipping details are exchanged with Pronto Xi which is then passed back to Shopify upon fulfilment of the order. Pronto Xi takes care of your stock management needs and stock levels are automatically checked before placing any orders to prevent a customer making a purchase that can’t be fulfilled. Your customers are none the wiser but because the solution increases the speed of data exchange, you’ll also be improving your service and efficiency levels. Best of all, you gain access to a fully managed solution so that you can focus on your operations, and leave the process of data transfer to us.

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