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Customer Experience

Empower your customers to self-service with Pronto Xi Customer Central

When it comes to paying invoices on time, statistics prove Australian businesses are notorious for lagging on payments. This can place unnecessary strain and stress on companies, causing additional financial and administrative costs, reduced cash flow and in worst case scenarios, damaged business relationships. Pronto Xi Customer Central strives to make this common problem history with a fully integrated invoice payment management tool that allows customers to access, review and pay invoices. Customers can pay their account or each invoice and can also reprint an invoice or forward them on as needed.

Your accounts team can easily share visibility to view current, paid or overdue invoices all on the one screen. They can also add notes to each customers detailing past interactions or reminders sent for consistent customer communications. Incentivise payments by choosing to offer discounts for early payments or penalties for late payments, send reminder emails,trigger reminders at the click of a button, organise payment confirmation emails and thank you notes quickly… and so much more!

Extend your customer care with Pronto Xi Service Connect

Free up your service centre resources while empowering your customers to control, manage and track their service calls in real-time. Pronto Xi Service Connect is an engaging service tracking portal where customers can self-manage all logged service calls. This portal enables your team to spend less time managing calls and locating information and instead redirect that effort to better serving their customers.

Alongside Pronto Xi Resource Scheduler and Mobile Service, Service Connect becomes part of the standard workflow. This enables end-to-end management of a service call and provides an ongoing, automatic feedback loop. Service Connect allows your customers to create calls and tracked in real-time, allowing customers to plan around their ETAs. Conversations can be initiated with service staff and easily navigated through an easy-to-follow timeline which provides a list of all actions and information involved with each service call. With all the information they need at their fingertips, your team can provide better customer service by assigning the right resources and resolve calls faster.

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