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Design Thinking

Working collaboratively to create solutions

Collaboration is at the heart of our design thinking approach as we work alongside our clients to solve their most complex and challenging technology problems. Design thinking is a creative process that can be applied to almost any business problem, while maintaining a focus on exceptional customer experience. It’s a balanced approach which considers what is proposed, alongside what is technologically possible and cost-effective.

Woven’s design thinking framework

Our team of experts use design thinking to place ourselves in the shoes of our customers’ ideal client, honing in on their specific needs as we work through possible solutions. We focus on striking the perfect balance between our client’s desires and a solution’s potential to boost business revenue and maximise profits.

Any given project may see us working with team members from your accounts or IT department, your product team or supply chain and so on. This in-depth and hands-on approach enables us to build a solution that delivers the best possible results and incorporates the expertise and knowledge of your entire organisation.

Our approach

There is no one size fits all approach to design thinking - different tools are required for each project. Our framework is an iterative process that utilises agile software development to allow for adaptive planning. Throughout the project, we work with you to constantly improve the current prototype.

As always, we’re happy to explain the process in more depth before any work commences as it’s important you fully understand what’s involved during each stage. Regardless of the problem at-hand, a design thinking approach helps our team to maximise your business results by increasing customer satisfaction levels whenever a new solution or product is developed.

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