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We’re an invaluable extension of your team

When you partner and collaborate with us, you benefit from tapping into the expertise and experience our team has honed over decades. We also understand you’re an expert in your field and business so we’ll work collaboratively with you to ensure together, we develop a solution which meets your unique business needs. Our innovative approach delivers the best results, while earning your trust and delivering you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our experts are a phone call away.

Supercharge your business with Avenue

Having the capacity to achieve near real time integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the holy grail of the ecommerce world. Time spent managing any back-end systems that can be automated is wasted time! Learn how Avenue helps your business to increase its productivity and in turn, maximise profits.

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Strategic sales management

In today’s highly competitive business world, understanding and taking advantage of the technology on-hand to organise your sales team, is the key to maximising revenue. After obtaining the necessary information as to how your current sales channel operates, our experts will work with you to identify a strategy that is unique to your business and aims to increase sales and ultimately, your bottom line. While you may not be able to control outcomes, you do have full control over the activities engaged in and our technology helps you to strategically plan your action to drive sales.

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Creating a memorable omni-channel experience

Having an effective omni-channel strategy is now an industry standard for retailers operating across multiple sales channels. More importantly, a sophisticated multi-channel approach to sales with the intent to provide your customers with a seamless solution, is expected by customers and impacts where they spend their hard-earned money.

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Tap into the power of design thinking

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do here at Woven. Why? It’s simple: the best solutions are developed when we work alongside our partners. Woven’s design thinking framework sees our team going beyond the visual aspects of a product or website - we drill down into the overall experience that a solution offers.

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Delivering an unforgettable user-experience

Effective user-experience (UX) design underpins any successful ecommerce website and requires a holistic approach. By factoring in all aspects of a customer’s interaction with your company, we’re ensuring every website visitor has a positive experience. The kind of experience that sees them coming back and raving about your business within their network.

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Development that goes above and beyond

It’s one thing to have a larger than life idea, but building a robust solution that can grow with your business is where the real expertise lies. There’s a reason many say development is the single most important aspect of ecommerce. Our developers have decades’ worth of experience building and customising existing solutions according to business’ specific needs and long-term goals.

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Ongoing support at your fingertips

What if you could have a team of experts in all things digital, at your fingertips who are just one phone call away? We’re your long-term technology partners, which means we’re committed to delivering end-to-end solutions, in addition to any long-term support as required. Our friendly and reliable team of experts is on-hand whenever you need us.

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