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Pronto Sales App for mobile sales

Building solid relationships with the latest technology

In an age where businesses encounter more competition than ever before, the ability to communicate effectively and to be responsive to your customers’ needs, helps you to stand out from the pack. Pronto Woven’s Pronto Sales App places the power in your sales team’s hands by giving your team access to the latest customer intelligence, in addition to real-time product and CRM data while they’re on the road.

When it comes to sales professionals who spend the majority of their time in the field and interacting with your customers, our Mobile Sales app is their best friend.

With seamless integration with Pronto Xi CRM, your sales pro's have access to customer profile views, complete with access to any sites, contacts, transactions and client attributes they need handy. They also have the ability to maintain any necessary scheduled and ad-hoc activities they need to while they’re out and about.

Mobilize all your business needs

The app makes it as easy as possible to enter in sales orders or quotes that adhere to any relevant business standards including credit limits, restrictions or customer specific pricing. Your team is also able to review orders and balances in a few simple clicks, providing them with the information they need to foster the relationships that help your business to grow.

For direct to customer, the Pronto Sales App houses full shopping cart and payment gateway features. This means your reps are armed with what they need to make that sale, while also having the ability to accept credit card payments.

By accessing the powerful mobile sales rep console that houses a customisable dashboard, your team can easily track their progress to ensure they’re meeting their targets. Sales reps can check their top clients, their best performing products and their sales history at a glance (via both the month and year to date).

Pronto Sales App is an innovative and intuitive solution that is accessible via a web-based platform. Put simply, it’s a sales pro’s dream!

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