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Pronto Xi Sync for Amazon

Gain instant access to millions of customers globally

Reaching millions of customers instantly and showcasing your brand on a global scale has never been easier with Amazon. Extend your reach and list your products on your Amazon store without any manual data entry and tedious back of house issues. Our Amazon connector allows you to connect with Amazon Marketplace, which assists your business in managing product and order fulfilment through a single platform.

Automatising your drive to sales

This bidirectional integration enables you to export inventory data from Pronto Xi into Amazon and seamlessly manage sales orders back into Pronto Xi.

Once your listings are up and running in Amazon Marketplace, all updates for images, pricing and availability will sync and align with your Avenue data, eliminating the time consuming and error-prone manual order entry and update process.

When an item is paid for via Amazon, these orders will automatically load into Pronto Xi and from here, you can use Pronto Xi to print your picking slip for each order. When an order in Pronto Xi reaches your predefined ‘shipped’ setting, the system sends a fulfilment call to Amazon to let your customers know its status.

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