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Give your business an instant boost

Shifting the way you interact with Salesforce is easy. Simply automate your processes and link Salesforce to Pronto Xi with Woven’s standard connector. It allows you to integrate key functions between Pronto Xi and Salesforce instantly.

The connector sees your business generating greater levels of operational efficiency, delivering a richer user experience thanks to the one data set that provides consistent data across the board. Integrating key functions between Pronto Xi and Salesforce provides your staff with an end-to-end solution across multiple back-end systems.

This paves the way for your business to serve your customers in a more consistent and efficient manner. Streamlining your business’ processes with Pronto Xi’s connector is easy thanks to Woven’s local experts who are on-hand to help your team to navigate any complexities involved. Take advantage of our team’s wealth of expertise that’s at your fingertips!

Connection, made seamless

The Pronto Connect Salesforce Connector is developed to facilitate connection points to basic fields of the Salesforce application. This facilitates the easy connection between the two platforms. Integrate and synchronise your Account, Product, Price and Sales Order data between SalesForce and Pronto Xi, creating identical data across both platforms.

The benefits of our Salesforce connector include:

  • Linking Pronto Xi to Salesforce, which increases operational efficiency
  • Integrating and synchronising data between Salesforce and Pronto Xi to create identical data across both platforms
  • The ability to address any business needs with customisation flexibility
  • Save money, while reducing admin burden by automating tasks such as data entry and lessen the likelihood of human error

While the standard connector offers a solution for a number of requirements, in most cases, it is typically used as the foundation for more sophisticated requirements. Our development team can cater for your unique business needs across both systems to cover the vast array of business functions across both Pronto Xi and Salesforce.

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