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Client Stories - Bruno Fine Foods


History of quality

Established in 1956, Bruno Fine Foods is a third-generation family business of importing and distributing the finest food and beverages of Italy. As a leader of Foodservice and Retail industries, the company has over 15 brands that are exclusively available through Bruno Fine Foods across Victoria and Australia.

Bruno Fine Foods’ core focus has been on delivering exceptional customer service and unique value. Bruno desired that their customer experience matched the quality of their goods and began the search for a solution to achieve this.

“We’re selling premium products and to fully showcase them, it’s not as simple as a website displaying just the product photos with a price. We needed to be able to justify the quality of our produce to our customers and why they should be interested in our products,” said Dylan Garofalo, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bruno Fine Foods.

Previously, the business had a manual system of orders being placed over the phone. With only three phone sales members to take orders inbound and outbound over the phone, this was a tedious order process.

“In our industry, 99% of all orders are taken via answering machine or phone. To process orders, there was always someone in the middle who needed to assist. 40% of our customers were calling or messaging their orders in, or sales members were processing that order for them. The whole process and customer experience was very inundated and there would often be ordering, invoicing and picking errors. Customers also received a lot of misinformation because we didn’t have easy access to our inventory records to inform what was in stock or guarantee that customers were going to receive an item until the order was processed,” said Mr Garofalo.

To facilitate this process, Bruno used a third-party platform which allowed their sales staff to place the orders and was linked to their warehouse management system. However, without access to live information, there was a data delay between what was available and the processing of orders causing discrepancies in stock.

Securing the right ingredients

Effectivity, transparency and reliability were Bruno’s main objectives when purchasing a new solution to support their business.

“Well, the first objective for us was to remove the reliance on those sales individuals for processing orders and to provide 24/7 ordering to our customers. Transparency was also one of our biggest values that drove this project as we wanted to provide our customers with all the information they need including detailed descriptions with nutritional information and imagery. We also want to build trust with customers by emphasising our reliability of delivering what we promise and show on the website because in this industry often this is not always the case,” said Mr Garofalo.

As already having implemented Pronto Xi as the foundation ERP to their digital transformation, Bruno now has an integrated eCommerce site and Pronto Sales App. This integration between their systems has enabled Bruno to have consistent communication with their teams internally and externally with their customers.

Mr Garofalo said “The integration works perfectly which was something that we were quite worried about getting right. However, we could have confidence because all the platforms were built and run by Pronto Software and it is great to be able to manage it all under the one roof. We can now brand our products consistently across all our touch points with the same accurate information from the one place being displayed everywhere and used by our sales team.”

Currently, customers can either order through eCommerce or sales members can place orders through the Pronto Sales App on behalf of customers while on the road.

“All of our product information is now available at the click of a button, whether it’s ingredients, product images, substitute products or pricing. We no longer need quotes anymore as customers can log in, view the products, availability and prices themselves,” said Mr Garofalo

With all the detailed data being pulled from Pronto Xi, Bruno can provide their customers transparency and are able to supply all their detailed produce information.

Mr Garofalo said “The layout of the site is a lot more modern than other solutions in the industry. The fact that the website is also very product centric and we could add so much detail about each item including the imagery. Many of the other platforms only provide basic product carts without the depth and detail of what is the product.”

Listing over 1000 products, Bruno Fine Foods are finding the ordering process easier with less errors by using the ‘bought before’ or ‘fast ordering’ feature.

“Now placing orders through the bought before feature not many mistakes are occurring because sales members are only adding to the cart rather than needing to search in Pronto Xi,” said Mr Garofalo.

Enhancing excellence

With this new digital transformation, Bruno have saved time and resources in their sales and ordering processes.

Mr Garofalo said “Our sales process has dramatically changed with Pronto Sales App. With this solution, we’ve achieved a 45% reduction in sales processing costs. This has enabled us to eradicate tedious order-handling tasks, allowing us to strategically reallocate our resources toward enhancing customer relationships and facilitating growth."

"With all product information constantly available to our team and all our customers, nearly 50% of our customers order through the website and we have reduced our sales heads by a considerable amount. Due to the seamlessness of our products and prices data, we now have centralisation, and can provide transparency, and consistency to our customers which is differentiation in our industry,” continued Mr Garofalo

The solution has also enabled them to stay open for business 24/7 for the first time.

“We no longer have to rely on anyone to have our doors open to continue business. Our office and our phones can go down, but our business will remain presented well online with an active presence and our customers can still have a great experience, ” said Mr Garofalo.

The partnership of working with Pronto Woven was straightforward and transparent according to Bruno.

Mr Garofalo said “The Pronto Woven team had a great understanding of what we really wanted and made sure that it was clear from the start what could be done and created a realistic plan to get us there. The whole engagement was very transparent from the start and provided as much information as they could to help us better get the project over the line.”