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Client Stories - One in Five

One in five

Supporting mental health research

One in Five is a mental health charity with the aim of funding medical research to find a cure for mental illnesses including schizophrenia, bi-polar and depression.

Gabrielle Sheehan, Chair at One in Five said “One in Five is a mental health charity that is specifically focsed on understanding causes of mental illness to find cures. We believe that medical research is critical to understand the causes of complex mental illnesses. One in Five is the only mental health research charity advocating and promoting the importance of medical research as part of the solution that is independent of a specific research institute.

Historically, One in Five had a brochure website explaining their work and cause however, they wanted to extend their fundraising capability and reach. One in Five wished to update their website to an eCommerce solution which they could better self-manage. The website needed to offer more merchandise as an addition to raising money through fundraising activities and donations. They also desired to involve and engage their audience with fundraising initiatives including peer to peer models and donations.

Sheehan explained “Before working with Pronto Woven, our website was on a very old version of a website platform with many limitations.

  • The website was broken and vulnerable to cyber security issues.
  • The platform’s functionality was limited and incredibly manual; making any changes or completing a simple update was a total nightmare!
  • We also lacked a streamlined cart functionality that would enable us to sell our new merchandise range.
  • Our first ‘HOPE’ t-shirt campaign in 2020 was a manual process for orders and stock management which required our admin to be manually send order details to the drop-shipper. It was hard to track orders and offer a seamless order process.”

With these complexities in mind, One in Five applied to work with Pronto Woven knowing their expertise in integrated solutions from storefront to back-end operations, was the type of digital transformation they needed. Reaching out to help the community is always important for Pronto Woven and the struggles of the pandemic highlights this powerfully. The work that 'One in Five' does is inspirational and Pronto Woven felt a kinship of passion for research and development into new directions and decided to offer them the expertise to revamp their digital efforts.

Empowering fundraising and donation efforts

Pronto Woven assisted 'One in Five', to update their eCommerce site – specifically sharing digital technology expertise. The Pronto Woven team approached their partner, Shopify for assistance and collaborated with fundraising platform, 'Shout for good’ as a meeting of minds to complete the project.

Sheehan said “There were three things that we were looking for. Firstly, as mentioned was the ability to introduce new ways to fundraise and merchandise. The second objective was to own the management of the website and have more control over the content. The third objective was to take advantage of the external tools such as email marketing and trackability of ROI on effort by making the site more integrated with the software tools that we are utilising. These tools enable visibility over our spending to match it back and fuel our engagements with customers including thank you emails and keeping them informed of future efforts.”

Working within the Shopify platform the Pronto Woven team built and implemented the website store front and enabled all integrations with third party software applications connecting into the website. With their extensive ERP knowledge, Pronto Woven ensured the back-end ecommerce structure integrated into their ERP would be scalable for One in Five. The Shopify-based solution now enables 'One in Five' to sell merchandise on their website – opening a vital source of fundraising. The website created is intuitive so team members with limited digital skills can manage the site. This reduces the required management time and costs while streamlining their operations.

Sheehan stated “This project just shows the power of getting the website right because it is the anchor to the fundraising ecosystem and related tools. I realised that you could have the best Search Strategy in the world, but if the anchor is not functioning, it doesn't mean anything! Building the right foundation has been a demonstrative shift for our business. From an outcome perspective, being able to tailor the structure and coding of the website to include applications like ‘Shout for good’ as a payment portal that is charity specific for donations, as well as Square for merchandise was important to us.”

Utilising the 'Shout for good' platform, 'One in Five' can now benefit from peer-to-peer fundraising activity – increasing accessibility to anyone who would like to become involved. Every time someone shares a link to donate, awareness about the charity and its efforts grows.

Sheehan explained, "Being able to partner with an agency of the calibre of Pronto Woven, who's an expert at Shopify, has been an incredible opportunity for One in Five. We are now much better placed to accelerate our mission to change the face of mental health by making it easier to attract and engage supporters and donors. The new website is transformative for One in Five. With our new HOPE shop, we can promote our branded merchandise, create collaborations with our retail partners and accept regular donations. This will significantly improve our fundraising model helping us to change the lives of millions of people living with complex mental illness."

Extending the reach of hope

With the launch of the site, One in Five are already seeing the impact and gaining increased engagement from both customers and their team.

Sheehan said “The website is now representative of the professional charity we are, its loading speed is faster, and Google is being more responsive to SEO activity. As a result, more people are visiting the site, inquiring about us and wanting to be involved in the charity. We have already raised more money from the campaign than we did the previous year. Even our team is now more engaged and committed and we've seen more people involved in activities.”

The solution has empowered One in Five with the visibility to track their desired goals and ROIs.

Sheehan continued “We can now be more transparent about the collection of donations for the purpose of a stated activity which is the number one ROI for us. Our second ROI is engagement and with the new site about one in five people are now signing up without us even promoting or incentivising. This interest has been really rewarding for us.”