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Client Stories - Tontine

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Designing comfort you can trust

Tontine is a leading Australian manufacturer of bedding accessories with a history spanning over 60 years and a reputation for launching innovative products. To retain their focus on this mission, they needed the technology foundation which could support their passion and future growth and innovation. Tontine’s legacy eCommerce platform was hard to manage. Sale order data had to be transferred from their eCommerce site into their ERP system via Excel spreadsheets. In addition, product stock levels on the website also needed to be manually maintained and updated.

Scott Haywood, Marketing manager at Tontine said, “The system was really clunky and just a pain to administer. It was really difficult, very manual and time consuming. It required specialist knowledge of the legacy systems to maintain and there were very few of us who had those skills. We wanted to increase our eCommerce business and achieve a plan to create a growth of fivefold in five or so years and the technology we had was just limiting us.”

Rather than merely invest in a brand new website from the existing supplier which could have resulted in the same expensive, laborious issues, Tontine saw this as an opportunity to integrate operations – from inventory management to eCommerce platform. Following their deployment of Pronto Xi ERP, the business decided to work with Pronto Woven.

“Undoubtedly we wanted to link our website up with Pronto Xi, to make it easier for data such as sales orders to be automatically transferred from the website into the ERP system. We also wanted prices to be maintained in the ERP system and then imported and shared with the website. A main priority was ensuring that the eCommerce site was integrated with the rest of the business,” said Mr Haywood.

“We also wanted to make sure that we had a system that was super easy to operate and maintain where more than one person across the business could actually get in there and run it if they needed to. This was one of the critical things for us, so we could focus on the things which are truly important,” added Mr Haywood.

Changing the sheets

Tontine wished to utilise Shopify as their ecommerce platform to enable more employees to maintain their site and make changes to their product range. Pronto Woven created an app for Tontine that automatically syncs Pronto Xi data to Shopify enabling instant streamlining of product and orders, removing the need for manual data entry and re-entering errors. Tontine can now utilise their ERP Pronto Xi’s functionality together with their Shopify store to manage their entire operations process. With instant 24/7 automatic synchronisation automated bi-directional data flow, increased accuracy, the speed of the data exchange is enhanced improving their service and efficiency levels at the same time.

The two-way sync allows Tontine to:

  • Create and update product attributes including pricing and inventory details in Pronto Xi with all changes being directly reflected on their website
  • Update warehouse quantities in Shopify so customers are always aware of quantity of stock available
  • Relay sales orders and payment details straight back to Pronto Xi to efficiently manage their inventory and ensure the general ledger remains up to date
  • Allow customers to track shipping details through Shopify to provide certainty over their order

“It's working pretty much flawlessly now, which is fantastic. You don't even know that it’s there, we can just have full confidence that it's running in the background. It's so seamless and consistent that you don't even think about it which allows us to divert focus to what's important,” explained Mr. Haywood.

Technology support for a good sleep

The integration has now been functioning for two years and the results speak for themselves as Tontine are well on their way to achieving their business’s objectives.

“I think we've probably tripled the business so far so we're on track! We are now much more streamlined and integrated in the way that we work together. Rather than just a single team managing the ecommerce site, we are now a cross functioning team with customer service, sales and marketing all working together and it is a lot more collaborative,” added Mr Haywood.

The solution has also allowed Tontine to have the solid foundation to be able to expand their business to take advantage of new opportunities and markets.

Mr Haywood said, “Not only are our sales growing, we're also expanding the number of websites we're managing. Whereas before we couldn't possibly manage three website as we were struggling to manage just one. The solution is so much more efficient. We're very confident to do that which comes from a foundation of knowing that it's going to work seamlessly.”

“As ours was the first connector developed by Pronto Woven for Shopify, we obviously worked very closely together. We had many teams involved in this project including those that built the Shopify website for us. Between all these parties (us, them and Pronto Woven) there were lots and lots of communication, but it was a very collaborative approach and one of continual learning on all parts. Overall, very good, really responsive and the support was really positive,” concludes Mr Haywood.