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Creating a mobile-first environment

Founded in 1972, Hirotec, a privately owned Australian organisation specialises in the maintenance and engineering of integrated technical solutions (mechanical, electrical, fire and energy services) through innovation, customer service and technical expertise. Employing over 200 highly trained and experienced staff throughout Australia, Hirotec was looking to continue expanding and innovating their business, in-line with technology.

Over a decade ago, Hirotec recognised the opportunity to better meet the needs of its customers by empowering service technicians with mobile devices to allow for better quality of service and information sharing while on-site.

To support this vision, Hirotec required a more sophisticated and capable IT system and in 2014, they approached Pronto to assist with the transition using Pronto Xi to provide a streamlined approach.

With Hirotec’s recent company-wide upgrade and roll out of iPad minis, its team has been able to harness the advancements of technology in the field, to capture and manage even more customer data, from the palm of their hand.

“Since we’ve rolled out the ability for staff to use Pronto Xi via mobile devices, there has been a considerable increase in productivity. We’re capturing a lot more information, so not only has productivity significantly improved, but the management of that information has too,” said Paul Sicari, the Executive Director of Hirotec.

A commitment to customer service

To continue providing a more enhanced customer experience, Hirotec wanted to explore how the business was using data and develop a way of providing the customer with feedback and real-time access to what’s going on in the field. By providing these insights, it would also help the customer from an asset management and compliance perspective.

“We needed something that was fast, responsive and could integrate directly back into Pronto. A web-based platform accessible from anywhere and on any type of device, was essential. So there was fairly stringent criteria we wanted to achieve with respect to a portal as we saw the innovation as the next point of difference for us as a business,” Sicari adds.

Partnering with the Woven team, we helped Hirotec to bring this vision to life by developing a customised portal that provided its clients with a fully transparent window into what was happening out in the field.

“The Woven team were able to take the vision that we had and articulate it into something that was meaningful,” says Sicari.

An engineered seamless solution

With Hirotec’s business goals in mind, we created a solution that was capable of providing the business with seamless communication with their customers. It was also flexible and intuitive enough to address the common questions each customer was facing.

Questions such as:

  • What’s been checked?
  • What needs to be checked?
  • When was an item last checked?
  • Where are things at progress-wise?
  • What problems do we need to address?

Now that the solution has been implemented, customers can easily see their compliance requirements, the fire services that have been undertaken, testing results, quotes and any defects found on-site. It allows customers to see and view the progress of Hirotec’s work in terms of their own building in real-time and the translation of information from technicians back to the client is instantaneous.

“Instead of collecting paper from the field and bringing that paperwork back into the office, we’re now capturing that information electronically. We can generate a report automatically and load that report into our portal, where clients can access the information in real-time,” says Sicari.

As for Hirotec’s account managers, they use the service portal to look at quotes that are outstanding and chase up tasks that haven’t been actioned at anytime and from anywhere.

Additionally, the portal is used for Hirotec’s 200 subcontractors. They use a parallel portal to submit invoices and using this technology, the business has eliminated the need for its subcontractors to mail or email their invoices through in an unstructured format. This reduces the double handling of documentation for admin.

“Our mobile-first approach means our technicians can provide clients with an instant update that would just not have been possible on an old paper-based system,” says Paul Sicari.

"It’s a real point of difference for us as a business. We’ve been able to work with Pronto to design something that is based on our own customers’ feedback and their requirements and the rollout has been very well-received."

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Pronto Woven: partners who grow with businesses like Hirotec

Since its implementation, Hirotec has become increasingly reliant on the online service portal that Woven implemented for them. More than that, they continue to collaborate and rely on us as their trusted creative technology partners.

“We are a small to medium business who do not have a team of IT developers and rely heavily on Pronto Woven to provide that expertise… Pronto really is an extension of our business,” says Sicari


Hirotec required a type of service connect portal to streamline their communications between customers, technicians and themselves.

We listened to Hirotec’s desires to provide an enhanced customer experience by building a solution that enables real-time feedback access, which gives the company a unique point of difference in the industry.

We collaborated and adapted the service connect portal to create an integrated portal for Hirotec that allows for real-time updates and the instant transfer of information from technicians to clients.

We revealed a customised online portal platform to store and collect information that reports on the conditions of the buildings and status of services.

We continue to grow with Hirotec as their trusted creative technology partner and provide the business with consistent quality of service