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Client Stories - Leica Cameras

Leica Camera

Moments that last a life time.

Leica Camera Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor of Leica digital and analogue cameras and camera products in Australia. It services over 50 major retailers and specialist camera stores around the country. With a history dating back more than a century, the Leica brand is synonymous with exceptional quality German-engineered cameras, photographic lenses, binoculars and other optical equipment.

Aware that its customers aren’t interested in purchasing ‘just another camera’ and driven by their dedication to providing customers with an exceptional customer experience (CX), Leica Camera required a website solution that ensured its target market feels engaged and part of a larger community.

Leica wanted to ensure the quality that they exhibit in their products was consistently reflected throughout the entire business and their customer engagement by enhancing its digital presence, while providing customers with a CX that hones in on their unique points of difference.

Ryan Williams, Managing Director at Leica Camera Australia, says Leica understood the need to capture an omni-channel CX and a seamless cohesive experience for customers when in-store and online.

When Woven’s team met with Leica, our first step was to assess their existing Digital Strategy and the business outcomes they hoped to achieve. From there, we got to work on their new solution!

Success in a snapshot: A picture tells a thousand words

Working together, Leica and our team designed what is now a cutting-edge industry website that focuses on exceptional CX. The site has the added benefit of assisting staff with their various roles. The easy to use Pronto Software tools help Leica to carve out a unique point of difference within their market.

“The Pronto Xi system is probably the most in-depth tool but Pronto Avenue’s system is very easy to navigate. The Woven team did an exceptional job at honing in on our business’ needs and focusing on the customer experience and journey. They were able to listen and create a really great solution that meets our needs.”

Collaborating with Leica, we were able to successfully implement their requirements and create a solution that provides engaging and seamless experiences for their customers.

“When we sat down with the Woven team, we had very specific guidelines for what we wanted for Leica and our CX. We had a very specific set of design rules. “The website didn’t just need to look good - it needed to incorporate functions like Click & Collect so that our customers can go onto the website, view products, see quickly whether they’re in-stock or not and then choose to either have them delivered or to pick them up in-store after making their purchase,” adds Williams.

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How innovation drives Digital Strategy

Leica sought nothing but the best for both their online and retail store. Their new website solution provides customers with a seamless experience in-store and online supplying the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

The new website means the company has a consistent online presence on a 24/7 basis. The cloud infrastructure implemented ensures the solution is always available for customers, regardless of whether they’re doing their own research from the comfort of their own home or are in-store using the retail POS system.

Our website solution provides real time information about stock quantities, stock that’s coming in and when future shipments are scheduled to arrive so Leica can easily communicate to both customers online and in-store.


We listened to Leica and its team. The company approached us with very specific requirements and design rules. Our omni-channel approach ensures Leica’s customers’ expectations were not just met but are exceeded across every platform.

We collaborated and we worked alongside Leica Camera’s management team, creating a solution that fosters customer engagement by providing a user experience that is second to none.

We revealed our unique intuitive solution that interacts with Pronto Woven’s Avenue 7 software to create a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple platforms.

We grow with Leica to ensure the solutions continues to meet their needs and expectations

“We’re proud to embrace Woven as part of Leica’s long tradition of both quality and success. It was paramount to us that the CX remains consistent both online and in-store. We’ve always prided ourselves in understanding our customers and we knew this was always going to be a vital element of any successful digital solution,” says Williams.