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Client Stories - Wild and Wolf

Wild & Wolf

A platform which reflects the company’s values

When DC Thomson Consumer Products, parent company of Wild & Wolf and Australian-based company, Parragon Publishing, approached Woven, they were on a mission. The company wanted to become more customer-focused when adopting a customised e-commerce platform and pushing its digital capability across its brands.

DC Thomson is UK-based and publishes newspapers, magazines and books. In recent times, they’ve expanded into digital technology, retail and the television sector. In January 2017, the company purchased in-house wholesale gift provider, Wild & Wolf, which had previously been managed by an independent third-party distributor. It has since launched the Wild & Wolf brand into the Australian market.

Wild & Wolf: the brand

Wild & Wolf creates design-led gifts and lifestyle products including stationary, homewares, accessories, toys and games. The brand is heavily invested in everything they do, giving thought to every aspect of the business from the types of product they sell to the production and consumption of these products. They source responsibly, are mindful of reducing waste and help communities both locally and internationally.

Working with national retailers, department stores and independents, Wild & Wolf supplies its products to more than 6,000 companies in over 60 countries. It has offices in Melbourne as well as in the US, Hong Kong and Europe.

Listening to the company’s unique needs

After taking the time to understand Wild & Wolf’s business and brand, we quickly established the company’s need for an ecommerce website and a mobile sales app. Both solutions needed to enhance customer experience, while streamlining operations. Woven quickly went about creating a digital strategy that would help the business to meet its key short and long-term goals.

“Wild & Wolf was essentially brand new to us and we had an immediate requirement for two things. “Firstly, we required a digital sales platform for our on-the-road sales force, based around the country. They needed a digital platform to manage orders on-the-go, with immediate access to real-time business data and stock information via mobile. “Secondly, we required a B2B platform allowing our independent retail partners to order stock quickly and easily online,” says Mark Camiller, the COO of DC Thomson Consumer Products.

The need for an enhanced digital strategy at Wild & Wolf was at the top of the wishlist with the business relying heavily on Pronto Woven to help integrate the customer-facing platform.

“We assessed other vendor options, but we selected the digital consultancy team at Pronto Woven to undertake our digital sales and e-commerce requirements due to the overall integration with our business management system that it allowed. Inventory, pricing and CRM changes would be fully integrated and recognised across all our channels including the website and digital sales platform, while being managed within a single system,” says Camiller.

We knew the team was starting with a blank sheet of paper in the digital space for the business and we found the challenge exciting!

Creating thoughtful solutions

As part of the push for Wild & Wolf to be more customer-led, DC Thomson adopted a highly customised e-commerce platform from Pronto Software. The platform streamlines the processes for systems management internally and empowers the sales team on the road. Importantly, it also offers a seamless and convenient experience for its retail customers, while providing easier access to real-time information and updates.

The tech deployment empowers the sales team by giving them access to real-time stock and order information, regardless of their location. “They can action a client’s order requests in the moment, while they’re chatting in person, kicking the whole supply chain process into gear with the click of a button,” Camiller says.

“Such efficiencies are driving our sales momentum and growth, as well as bolstering customer satisfaction through rapid order approvals and deliveries.” The solution also links and functions seamlessly with their ERP systems - a change or correction made in Pronto Xi gets reflected across its entire business information and data system simultaneously."

Camiller says: “It matches up with the data running the website where appropriate, and it is reflected across our internal mobile platforms. So through a single fix, you're in fact updating an item across a multitude of channels.”

By mid-February, Wild & Wolf’s mobile sales platform was up and running.

“We only briefed in the Pronto Woven team mid-January 2017, so the app went live in a matter of weeks. The delivery of our website followed a couple of months after.

“We had to get 750 products onto the system, with beautiful, high-quality imagery and product descriptions. In terms of styles and order processing, from the day we turned it on, it was seamlessly integrated within Pronto Xi. For the digital sales app, our sales force just need to be connected to the internet, and then away they go.” said Camiller.

Giving customers quality experiences

At its core, Woven created a solution that provides more efficiency and accuracy. Not long before bringing Wild & Wolf in-house, the company transitioned onto the cloud, which made the process of implementing the digital sales platform and B2B website pain-free.

“Keeping up with the pace of the industry is a major retail trend that Pronto’s technology supports us in meeting. Our mobile sales platform allows us from a processing perspective to get orders out straight away. “We're running significantly quicker thanks to the Pronto technology in place. The automated nature and integration of data means we’re not receiving any order returns based on errors.”

In terms of customers, Camiller says the solution meets their needs. “Even if a customer’s requirements are very unique, the technology can adapt accordingly. We are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ interactions with us, and ensure we’re meeting their needs,” he told CMO. “We’ve had great feedback from users of the site that it feels highly professional and is a sleek and modern database.”

In a relatively short timeframe, the company now has 1,260 independent store partners connected to the B2B site. Based on data, the B2B site accounted for in excess of 50 per cent of total revenue last year.


Wild & Wolf required solutions that would enhance their Digital Strategy, while allowing for seamless integration with their existing business management system.

We listened to Paragon’s desire to be more thoughtful and enhance their customer experience, while streamlining operations for their new brand, Wild & Wolf.

We collaborated and adapted their ecommerce website to meet their customers’ needs allowing their independent retail partners to order stock quickly and easily online. We also built a mobile app to enable their salesforce while on the road to manage orders on-the-go and gain access to real-time information and updates.

We revealed solutions that seamlessly integrated their operations and enabled more accuracy and efficiency, allowing Wild & Wolf to exceed expectations.

We grow with Wild & Wolf to continue providing a consistent service that meets and exceeds their needs.