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Digital Strategy

The power of a combined digital effort

In today’s fast paced and highly competitive business world, business results and sales metrics are likely to be front-and-centre at most board meetings, making a combined digital effort between operations and marketing crucial.

Our team of experts excel in the delivery of cutting edge integrated ecommerce services and strategies to propel business growth. Working alongside your team, we create customer experiences both online and offline with a focus on improving revenue by:

  • Implementing strategies to promote brand awareness
  • Helping your business to reduce its overheads, while streamlining business processes
  • Increasing your ability to deliver a unique, seamless and superior service to your customers

Woven is committed to helping you to re-envision how you do business on a daily basis.

Woven: your digital strategist

We’re different and that’s exactly how we like it because we’re your creative partners in managing the entire ecommerce process by creating end-to-end ecommerce solutions. We sit somewhere in-between a traditional business consulting company and a digital agency and our team of experts understand what’s required in managing and perfecting a technology stack. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between operational procedures and marketing objectives and then bringing all of the magical elements together within the necessary technical infrastructure.

At Woven, our focus is on delivering sustainable and profitable digital outcomes to cater for fully integrated businesses, well into the future. This process is never a set and forget exercise and our team provides ongoing support to ensure anything that is implemented runs smoothly and your strategy is working towards your business’ key goals.

Built an effective Digital Strategy with:


EDM Campaigns

Build a host of email marketing integrations to further drive your EDM campaigns

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Hit and exceed your conversion targets to advance your online business results

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Analytics & Insights

Effectively use the data you’re collecting to improve your online strategy

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Marketing Automation

Find the right tools to automate and streamline your business marketing

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