When it comes to finding the most suitable ecommerce marketing strategy, the different demographics of your target market is a key factor. The Woven team has put together over 10 tips for you to experiment with that have marketing potential across a range of difference ecommerce websites.

Tip #1: Conduct a survey 

One of the easiest ways to understand and learn what works for your target market is to ask them directly. Conducting regular surveys helps you to understand if your user experience is where it needs to be on your website and in different areas such as your product pages and so on. Whether you make the results public online or not, is up to you.

Tip #2: Offer a contest or giveaway

We all love winning and giveaways are a great ecommerce marketing tool. Contests and giveaways build buzz and everyone keenly watches on until the winners are announced. Depending on whether this proves to be a successful strategy for your business, you could look into running contests or giveaways more frequently.

Tip #3: Devise your own original content

Showcasing your expertise through unique content, helps to increase the credibility of your brand and site. Beware of using a copy/paste method in terms of content - not only could you be in breach of copyright but this kind of content may fail to strike a chord with your specific audience.

Tip #4: Implement a Loyalty Program

You’re probably part of a Loyalty Program or two yourself (think airlines, coffee clubs and so on). These programs incentivise your customers to be loyal to your site because they know their long-term loyalty, will eventually be rewarded with some kind of gift.

Tip #5: Understand the power of personalisation

With so much noise online these days, using personalisation cleverly helps your brand to stand out from the competition. Let’s look at email marketing as an example - often, an email is moved to the deleted folder almost instantly unless it speaks directly to your target market. Wherever possible, use your customer’s names, provide them with relevant links and ask for their feedback so that you can continue personalising their experience. Once you know enough about them and their habits, you can tailor your emails accordingly.

Tip #6: Use How-To videos to create a connection and showcase products

A lot of marketers underestimate the power of a good old How-To video. This simple video shows your customer what their experience will be like before they spend any money or make any kind of connection. This tells your customer if your product or service is ideal for them and increases customer satisfaction.

Tip #7: Include a FAQ section and delivery information on your site

No one enjoys making decisions blindly or having to sift through your site to find what they need. By including an FAQ section and delivery information on your site that is easy to find, you’re pre-empting any queries or obstacles people may be facing when looking to purchase your product or service.

Tip #8: eBay integration

By ensuring your ecommerce website seamlessly integrates with eBay, you’re helping to bring more customers to your site. It also assists with people finding out about your site to begin with.

Tip #9: Use email newsletters effectively

Put together a regular schedule for your newsletters. When your customers know to expect an email from you, you’re keeping the lines of communication open and connecting with your target market. Keep your emails short and sharp - remind them of latest news, promotions, offers and anything exciting that’s ahead.

Tip #10: Remind people about their Wishlists

Used in the right way, Wishlists can be a really powerful tool for ecommerce websites. By reminding people about their Wishlist, you’re encouraging them to look through your site and potentially, to place an order if the time is right.

Tip #11: Encourage your customers to complete Product Reviews

Reviews help customers to gain confidence in both your site and the product they’re about to buy. Encourage your audience to complete reviews at every chance - contests and giveaways are typically a good way to get people to write a review.

Having a clear Marketing Strategy for any ecommerce website is a must! Whether you’re a marketing manager, you work in the marketing department or you’re a business owner, Woven can provide guidance and assistance in putting together an effective ecommerce marketing strategy. We’re based in Victoria but work with clients all around Australia.

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