Worried about the impact that star sales performer leaving might have on your business? Learn how a quality CRM can minimise the impact of losing any of your top sales performers.

Let’s imagine… your business is growing dramatically and your star sales performer who’s spent 5 to 10 years with the business, decides to move on. You have a party, buy a cake, and give them a good send off. It all feels good. Until the sugar high rubs off and you’re suddenly asking yourself some pretty serious questions:

  • What future deals did this person have in their sales pipeline?
  • What happened with that contentious client interaction they had recently, and how did they resolve it? Where are their notes for that? Where’s the sales data for that client?
  • Do you even really know how much of their work was contributing to the business in dollar figures?

Being able to look over your entire sales pipeline is a basic necessity of any growing business. Additionally, having a single point of interaction for your clients across multiple parts of your business (think finance, sales, distribution, support), enables a quality of engagement that otherwise comes across as fractured and inconsistent. This often sees different parts of the business trying to get up to speed with how clients are going ‘as best as they can’.

Having a solid CRM system in place that ticks all of the boxes and talks to your ERP, feeding real-time data straight to you and your team regardless of where you are, is a crucial part of any business structure. Put simply, choosing the right CRM for your business needs is a big choice and one that deserves careful consideration.

“But we’re not using a CRM… we’ve gotten by so far without investing in one.”

Did we beat you to those words? Hold up! Let’s wipe the slate clean and apply a fresh perspective to your customer relationships in 2019 and beyond.

Having no one go-to reference point for every facet of your business means it’s hard to align all of the jigsaw pieces that are constantly moving in your business at any one time. It makes it harder to track where your resources are going and to develop long-term strategic plans. That supposedly simple business decision becomes all the more harder because of the unnecessary layers and complexity. Slowly, slowly, your admin and management costs are creeping higher and higher. True: there’s no such thing as a single software application that will serve your every business need. Also true: the most successful businesses take the necessary steps to consolidate as many data points as possible into the tool used most, your Mobile Sales & CRM.

The magic of a Mobile Sales & CRM

The right CRM brings:

  • Consistency
  • Oversight
  • Clarity

All three elements are vital to your business, client interactions and overall sales processes. They make your business tick over in the right direction!

Remember, that sales rep has had their cake and eaten it too - they’re gone and that might leave you unclear as to what status the clients they were looking after so well, are at. You need a system where you can check and view current, past, and future deals at the click of a button. Looking at client interactions and gaining access to client interactions doesn’t have to be hard - all this information can be at your fingertips, wherever you are.

So, what if you happen to be that star sales rep?

We get it you have multiple clients and sometimes, it’s hard to remember the specifics from client-to-client. Who had that anniversary coming up? Which client was interested in looking at the new product line being released in the next few months? It can be as simple as logging your client interactions as soon as you leave a meeting with a customer and hey presto! Next time you’re going to visit that client, the information is ready for you with a few clicks.

When you centralise your system into one single CRM, you’re bypassing any unnecessary customer issues and streamlining your business processes. Learn more about the CRM features which could really help your sales team thrive here

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