How can you highlight specific campaigns or target buyer personas (plus more) in a different way? Keep reading.

When used strategically, branded verticals can be incredibly powerful marketing tools. We hear what you’re thinking…

What are branded verticals?

Similar to a microsite, a branded vertical is hosted on the same URL as a company’s main site. They can be an individual page or a small number of website pages and are used to house content focused on specific topics, to target buyer personas or to drive promotions. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what branded verticals can do but one of the most useful ways to use them is to target a specific audience with a clear and direct call to action.

What branded verticals can do for your business

In our world, we have customers using numerous methods to drive their customer’s awareness and attention to specific productions or promotions. They may revamp their homepage, dedicate blogs to specific topics, send out e-newsletters to their email marketing list… we can all agree that there are many ways to engage your target market and drive business.

Building a branded vertical (or many verticals) is another way to draw attention to a particular campaign or product or target specific buyer personas. Sitting within a domain on your existing site, they enable your business to easily develop content that is more dynamic, incorporating different types of media to promote products/campaigns in a more engaging way.

How do I incorporate a branded vertical into my existing site?

Now here’s our question of the day! Our clever team at Woven has recently developed a Campaign template that makes it easy for you to create and customise your own branded verticals. Each template holds videos, images, catalogue content, blogs and so on. All you need to do is jump in and adjust the template to your business’ specific needs. It’s all about giving you the ability to create fantastic content in no time at all, which is likely to equate to greater visibility for any product or promotion your business is driving.

Linked to Avenue’s e-commerce function, your customers can be directed to the relevant product page where they can then add items to their cart. You then convert that sale through Pronto - it’s that easy!

Can the template be used for multiple purposes?

If your business isn’t running campaigns or product pushes at the moment, we’ve designed the Campaign template to be highly customisable. So you can focus on other areas of your business, using the same template. Promote multiple categories, brands or services… anything is achievable! All you need to do is adjust the content as needed.

Best of all, Woven’s Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to set-up new content and videos within the template with existing content available for you to apply to the site. One of our team members will happily train your staff to use and maximise the template from the get-go.

Want to learn more about branded verticals and how they can benefit your business? Contact Woven today to discuss your business’ unique needs.