A starter guide to design thinking to help you and your business launch your digital journey.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how much we love the design thinking approach at Pronto Woven HQ. In our past blogs, we’ve focused on how design thinking helps you to build a connection with and gain empathy for end users and also how in turn it is beneficial for your business. What our team has now put together is a quick guide to running your own workshop at your HQ, so grab the pins and map and lets get started. 

Get equipped- The essentials

What makes a great workshop

Your A-Team

Recruit a group with diverse knowledge and skills from across numerous areas of your business. This ensures you view the issue from all perspectives to build towards a comprehensive outcome.

Clear Course

Set the vision for the workshop and be clear on what it should achieve. You must have common understanding of the goal and know where you are going to work together to actually get your team there.

Scenic Location

Choose a space which ignites creativity. Workshops should be dynamic and interactive, so create plenty of room with bare walls to pin up your ideas and thought progress as you go.

Packed Kit

Just as in the jungle adventure you need a decent knife, for workshops bring some mean sharpies, poster paper, dot stickers, post notes and snacks. Don't forget lots of colour to get into the creative spirit.


Get started -The Directions

How to run a great workshop




Icon-here.png Map

Gain a deeper understanding of your users and customers and empathise with them to see the topic from their perceptive but yourself in their shoes to highlight what their needs are.

Local sites to visit:

  • Define customer or prime user
  • Who are they, what your their motivators, how do they see the world
  • Uncover customers’ needs
  • What are their blockers

Relevant workshops activities: Persona, Empathy map, Stockholder mapping


Icon-here.png Discover

Reflect and define where you are now and what your company’s current state is. By understanding your current situation and your purpose of where you want to head it provides clarity on the gap between the two states and how you can make a difference for your users.

Local sites to visit: 

  • Define who you are
  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • What are your values and beliefs?
  • What problem is our product/service solving?
  • What do your currently do? What’s that user journey like?
  • What is working and what isn’t?
  • What are your blockers to success?

Relevant workshops activities: As is (User journey), point of view (needs statements)


Icon-here.png Explore

Now that we have a better understanding of the problem, we can start to explore the solution of how can we fill these gaps. Start brainstorming to identify the breadth of possibilities to arrive at robust concepts that can be evaluated.

Local sites to visit:

  • What’s possible? What is not possible?
  • What’s the concept? What are its parts?
  • What’s the intended outcome?
  • What small changes can we implement now?
  • What we implement in the future?
  • How do we deliver that outcome? And how do we maintain it?

Relevant workshop activities: Big ideas, Prioritise, cake


Get a guide- What’s next

We are always happy to help you whether you want a guide through this process or you are ready for the next step of the adventure, Contact our team at Pronto Woven.