There’s nothing we love more than offering Woven customers value for money on our incredible solutions. We’ve really outdone ourselves this time around with our latest promo - read on for more.


There’s nothing like a bit of festive season cheer in our books and this year, we’ve got an incredible deal, ready for your business to snap up now! Here’s the offer:

We’re offering businesses an Amazon connector SaaS discount for the first 12 months. The only catch is that to redeem this offer, you must register by 31/1/2019. We can’t make any exceptions on this incredible deal.


Woven’s Amazon connector fully integrates into Amazon Marketplace to avoid any pesky back of house issues. Our team is on-hand to support you through the entire process of getting started with Amazon Marketplace if you’re new to the game. The marketplace does have its complexities but the great news is that it’s never been easier for Pronto Xi customers to reach millions of customers instantly. Showcasing your brand on a global scale is now effortless!

The connector is also a full-loop system. That means that once items are paid for via Amazon, orders are automatically loaded into Pronto Xi. This sees you taking full advantage of the connector’s bidirectional automation. Pronto Xi will then continue the process of printing the picking slip for each order. When an order in Pronto Xi reaches a predefined ‘shipped’ setting, the connector sends a fulfilment call to Amazon to update customers about their order’s status.


Want to hear even more benefits? Here’s a quick brain dump we whipped up - Woven’s Amazon connector:

Is cost-effective: remember, this sales channels works for your business on a 24/7 basis.

Connects seamlessly: bidirectional integration assists your business in managing product and order fulfilment through one single platform.

Enables you to launch products with ease: the connector offers an easy-to-use interface that simplifies Amazon’s complicated listing process, fast-tracking results.

Enhances the chances of your products being found: switching product categories can be managed easily via the connector, meaning customers can quickly find your products as they’ll be listed under the correct categories.

Makes managing orders easy: all orders generated from Amazon Marketplace are automatically synced to Pronto Xi, eliminating the time consuming and error-prone manual order entry and update process.

Performs constant synchronisations: the connector allows you to maintain all product prices in the one place to increase accuracy. All pricing changes and product quantities are synced and updated automatically to Amazon Marketplace via the connector.

Supports you in improving customer loyalty and experience: with a few clicks, send automated order status updates to customers as a way of increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.


If you’re looking for yet another channel to reach your customers via, look no further than marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace. To thrive in business, you need to have a presence exactly where your customers are looking and where your competitors may not yet be.


Still got questions? Our team is on-hand to make the process of setting up a seller’s account on Amazon Marketplace as stress-free and quick as possible. Contact us today.