With the digital marketing landscape rapidly growing and evolving on a daily basis, most businesses are adopting a multi-channel marketing approach. This may see businesses marketing across print, social media, blogs and elsewhere online. The most important factor here is that consistent messaging is used across each channel in order to maintain a seamless experience for the consumer. Often, a customer’s journey in making a purchase, involves them crossing across multiple platforms and this cross-over isn’t always easy for consumers to navigate their way through.

In all lines of work these days and in our downtime, we’re spending more time than ever online. You’ll agree with us when we say there are many distractions and a lot of noise in the online space. What we’re seeing as a result of multi-channel marketing is that when consumers start on their journey towards making a purchase, it’s not always completed in one continuous process or during the one session. There are likely to be interruptions along the way and consequently, if the process turns out to be too difficult or repetitive, the consumer can become frustrated and give up.

Any top digital marketing agency will reiterate how important it is for businesses to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for consumers. Any Digital Roadmap or Digital Strategy, should allow for interruptions in the purchasing process and strive to ensure the customer can easily slip back into the buying cycle without any inconvenience or difficulty.

Omni-channel marketing is something else we’re talking about quite a bit in the digital marketing space at the moment. You’ll find a lot of digital marketing agencies using this as an integral part of their strategy - omni-channel marketing sees businesses developing various paths that allow a consumer to cross between various channels without any issues. This works to ensure a customer has a positive user experience across multiple channels. Here’s an example that helps to further outline what we’re referring to.

Step 1: A potential customer sees an item while browsing on Facebook. They click through for more information and with the intent to buy the product on their mobile device.

Step 2: Their session is interrupted and the next time they view the item, they’re surfing the internet on a different mobile device or on their PC.

Step 3: At this point, they make contact with the business via phone or by using a Live Chat tool

As you can see, there are gaps in the above process but at each point, the consumer can pick-up from where they left off and continue on their journey to purchase the item in question easily. In this example, the customer has transitioned across multiple channels without any real effort. These are the kind of digital opportunities your business needs to be delving into as ultimately, this provides people with a better customer experience, while building confidence in your brand and assisting in ensuring that a potential customer becomes a conversion.

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