Sure, that headline may be a little daggy but our offer to set up coupon automation* on your website for free is the real deal. Keep reading!

Forget about the Easter Bunny, here’s the question on everyone’s lips at Woven HQ:

Are you looking to automate your existing customer loyalty programs or incentivise clients?

If you answered yes, coupon automation provides your business with a simple way to use your coupons to promote your business to clients based on specific user behaviour. Best of all, this Easter (we’re in 2018 for anyone who might stumble upon this blog post in the future), Woven is offering free coupon automation set-up* for anyone who engages with us before COB Monday, 30 April, 2018.

Once your coupon automation is up and running, you’ll find setting up automated coupons is simple and can be based on a variety of fields. We’re talking about anything from rewards for customer loyalty based on their monthly spend; products added to cart but not purchased; through to anniversaries, birthdays or even win back offers.

We know that great relationships are based on positive, mutually beneficial relationships and realise that in business, it should be no different. Coupon automation is a simple way to seamlessly get this going. You’re showing your customers that you value and respect them by investing in them with reward coupons, while simultaneously promoting positive purchasing behaviours, based on specific use cases defined by your team, that ultimately serve to benefit your own business.

This Easter, you can have your cake (or eggs) and eat it too with our free set-up* offer. We can’t wait to touch base with you to discuss how this small add-on can help your business to promote positive opportunities for both you and your clients. As always, if there’s a specific trigger you need set-up that doesn’t already exist, we’re happy to help tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

*Please note that our free set-up coupon automation does not include ongoing Software as a Service (SaaS) costs and assumes you already have Avenue ecommerce.

Interested in learning how automated incentives can get your customers coming back to your site to make purchases over and over again? Contact our Woven team today and let’s get started.