Who doesn’t get excited by shiny brand new things? We’re bringing out the big guns in 2018 with our brand new Avenue feature: our digital catalogue builder. See how easy we’ve made it to get your digital catalogues to snap, crackle and pop!

It’s like Christmas has come all over again here at Pronto Woven HQ thanks to our new digital catalogue builder that allows:

  • Avenue clients to create their very own digital catalogue
  • Customers to shop, search and browse through your products on any device

Excuse us as we have way too much fun providing you with more in-depth info.

Build template catalogues that can be edited and modified on the go

We’re not telling fibs! You’re also able to easily generate PDFs and link out to a product’s location online. Best of all, everything is integrated with your Pronto Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) inventory and pricing, saving you time and the costs associated with having to print catalogues as it’s all integrated in with your ERP data.

This means you can build more catalogues and release them quicker than any other retailer thanks to a pre-defined catalogue layout. Any catalogue you create will integrate seamlessly with your Avenue ecommerce solution so that customers can flip through your online catalogue and then continue browsing through and purchasing from your site.

Each catalogue can be searched for using a specific keyword or product and you can include debtor specific pricing in addition to building catalogues with future pricing from your ERP. You can also display content and then link that content with related products.

We know, we know… it’s a lot to take in but what sounds like info overload right now will get you bouncing around the office gangnam style when you test drive this builder and see how it can help you to maximise business results.

So let’s cut to the chase: here are 5 key benefits of our new Avenue Digital Catalogue features:

#1: It makes it easy for customers to simply flip, click through and make a purchase. Time is money!

#2: You can expand the reach of your print catalogue simply by running a digital catalogue campaign. Think of it as another way to reach your customers (but not in a creepy Big Brother kind of way).

#3: It promotes engagement and we know that engaged buyers are more likely to make purchases. You’ll be closer than ever before to becoming the Taylor Swift of your industry.

#4: The digital catalogue builder can be used to generate an offline PDF of the catalogue, in addition to an online catalogue. Again, this helps you to reach more customers, while helping to protect the environment by churning out less printed catalogues.

#5: You’ll empower your team to create their own catalogues using their own unique insights. Your sales team can tailor these catalogues to specific customers rather than relying on your marketing team to create every single company catalogue. Any salesperson who’s ever been waiting on for days on marketing to make that one change is getting more excited by the minute.

So, is it easy to set up?

Of course! We’ve made it our personal mission to make tech less difficult so setting up a catalogue is as simple as:

  • Sharing the relevant inventory assets from your ecommerce solution (photos, product descriptions, technical specifications and so on) so that you’re retaining a consistent product message.
  • Deciding on how many products you want to display per page (1, 2 or more).
  • Choosing which products to feature on which page.
  • Dragging and dropping pages as required to order your catalogue.

We’re all about embracing technology to create the kind of solutions that benefit your bottom line day-in, day-out. Our digital catalogue builder is easy to use and can be configured to operate with your exisiting data. We can even host this as a standalone solution or combine it with your existing Avenue ecommerce solution. We know, it’s pretty impressive, isn’t it!?

All jokes and fun aside (it’s time to put on our serious faces), contact us to discuss how the Avenue Digital Catalogue builder can benefit your business.