One of the biggest retail events of 2017 was Amazon Marketplace’s launch in Australia. You can’t afford to be one of those retailers who puts on the blinkers and hopes it’s all a bad dream. It’s time to be proactive and work towards driving your customers to your Amazon store.

If you’ve been following headlines in the media about Amazon Australia’s launch (and let’s be honest, which retailer hasn’t?), you’d be forgiven for thinking that the future of retail in Australia is gloomy. We’re going to let you in on a little secret that way too many businesses haven’t figured out just yet…

Amazon’s launch into Australia could be a game-changer for your business, providing you:

  1. Know how to get your store up and running
  2. Get your products listed under the correct categories where shoppers would be looking for them
  3. Understand how to drive people to your Amazon store

Few are keen to talk about the benefits on offer to retailers

We’ve been talking about Amazon’s launch since late last year and for good reason. This is a game-changing moment in Australia’s retail landscape. Once upon a time, it was harder for smaller businesses to compete with the bigger players but here is the reality of the situation we’re now facing:

  • Any business who’s struggled to maintain an ecommerce store or keep up with ever-changing website trends, has been given a free pass by Amazon. Set-up your store and reach customers on a global scale instantly.
  • Amazon Marketplace is here to stay. Since the ‘90s, Amazon has led the way in terms of ecommerce and customer experience. Don’t fight against a company who is likely to become a significant part of the Australian economy and retail sector. Work alongside Amazon to generate more customers.
  • An international audience via a reputable source known on a global scale is at your fingertips, waiting to discover your business and to buy your products.

If you can put your products into a box and ship them to people, you need to do your homework on Amazon or face being left behind. We’ve been really active among the Pronto community in encouraging businesses to get onto Amazon before any of their competitors. Customers are looking for the businesses leading the way in their industries so don’t play follow the leader.

Our handy connector for Pronto customers

While everyone was busy sharing industry insights on Amazon’s arrival, we did what we do best: we developed a solution that allows our customers to export their product data from Pronto Xi into Amazon and manage your Amazon orders seamlessly into Pronto Xi.

Setting up your Amazon store

We’ll be honest with you: if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, it can be challenging to set up your Amazon store properly so that you’re maximising the potential at your fingertips. Setting up the store is one part of the equation, getting your products listed within the correct categories and then factoring that into your existing back-end if you’ve already got an ecommerce store, can be tricky. We’re in the process of helping numerous Pronto customers to open up their Amazon Australia store so if you’re feeling lost, reach out and we’ll guide you through the process.

Look beyond the negative news you may be hearing or reading in the media. Get in touch and together, let’s get your Amazon store up and running and working to maximise your business’ profits today.