Learn more about the Avenue MailChimp connector

We work with a number of businesses across various industries and there is no doubt that MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms among our clients. It’s not hard to see why - MailChimp is incredibly user friendly and is easy for anyone to devise campaigns and get the analytics they need to put together successful EDM strategies. With such a high number of businesses using MailChimp, chances are, you’ve at least heard of the platform even if you aren’t using it.

MailChimp integration is just one of Avenue’s many features and benefits. We’ve written before about how important we know email is to businesses. Unlike social media or any other marketing channel, email marketing allows you to talk directly to your customers. And if they’ve signed up to receive news and updates from you, you’ve already got some kind of a relationship with them, which is definitely a plus in the online world!

Avenue’s MailChimp connector offers end-to-end integration - this means your subscriber lists are all linked across Avenue, MailChimp and the Pronto Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. What this means is that if anyone unsubscribes from any of these three touchpoints, the lists sync and they’re automatically unsubscribed from all list locations. This is important because not only is it incredibly annoying for customers to have to unsubscribe manually from different lists, there are some pretty hefty consequences in Australia in place for sending people unwanted emails.

The Pronto Avenue MailChimp connector allows you to connect your store (on the Avenue platform) to a new or existing MailChimp account. This sees you maximising your email marketing in the following ways:

  • By linking subscribers from Pronto Point of Sale (POS), the CRM and Avenue
  • Linking Pronto CRM campaigns to a targeted list
  • Sending your customers product recommendations based on their purchasing history
  • Personalising recommendations based on their behaviour and buying patterns
  • Enlisting abandoned cart workflows

What about all of that valuable ecommerce data you’ve got on-hand? It syncs automatically with MailChimp so that:

  • You can use MailChimp’s features to run targeted email campaigns that are automated and driven by the ecommerce data from your store on our Pronto Avenue platform
  • Product recommendations can be easily generated using the correlations made from existing sales data already available in your store
  • You can easily follow-up with your customers by sending them product driven emails. This is what we call a target email marketing campaign and it’s a technique that’s invaluable to use with people who have purchased specific products from your store. Avenue sends ecommerce data to MailChimp so product recommendation emails can be automated
  • Being proactive in relation to abandoned shopping carts is easy. It’s a matter of customising your follow-up emails to your customers who have products sitting in their shopping carts but haven’t completed their purchase.
  • You can generate detailed reports that provide you with feedback and information as to how your marketing campaigns are performing so you can understand what’s working, what isn’t and adapt your marketing and overall approach and Strategy accordingly.

If you’d like more information about Avenue’s MailChimp connector, contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.