You wouldn’t think that whacking a Ford engine into a Holden ute would produce the best results, would you? It’s time to apply the same thinking to ecommerce systems.

But first, back to our ute scenario… sure, it might be ‘possible’ to run Holden’s ute with a Ford engine but let’s face it, it’s not something the average driver would do because it just doesn’t make any sense. Most car models zipping around our roads are likely to run far better on the engine that has been built, tested and designed by the car’s manufacturer.

Now, let’s think about ecommerce systems. Sure, we actively support a number of clients with non-native integrations but it’s when we’re given the opportunity to showcase our native B2B ecommerce integration that we become the Super Mario (minus the moustache and overalls) of the ecommerce world.

Pronto Avenue is designed with Pronto’s ERP system in mind and functions the same. In other words, when you’re looking at stock levels in Avenue, you’re looking at stock levels in Pronto. Scratching your head about the possibility of having multiple sources of ‘truth’ in your client database? With Pronto Avenue, when looking at a debtor in Avenue, you’ll have the same information staring right back at you in Pronto. As for promo pricing, Pronto ERP’s powerful promotional pricing engine is uniquely native to our ecommerce system. So in a nutshell…

When you deal with Woven, you’re dealing with Pronto, and that’s why our solutions work.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience building solutions for our customers. Over just the last month or so, we’ve celebrated another three brilliant staff members reaching employment milestones at Pronto - two team members have been with us for 5 years and one for 10 years! Check out our very stylish honour board here at our Burwood office…


Ta da! Not only are we magicians with business continuity and reliability, we’re incredibly proud of the culture we’ve established and built over the years thanks to our dedicated team. This arms us with a wealth of solid internal intellectual property (IP) that’s been developed over decades thanks to the fantastic people who work here. As a result, this helps us to maximise business results for our clients and to walk the talk!

Here’s a question for you: ever wondered what you’re missing out on by not having native integration between Pronto and your ecommerce system?

Put pedal to the metal as you head into 2018 by improving your internal business workflows today! Let’s chat and see how we can help you to better achieve your business goals through native ecommerce integration.

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