Pronto was one of the proud sponsors of Deakin University’s Think Tank Challenge event held in September. Hosted by Deakin Commerce Society and Deakin Business School, the challenge was designed to encourage students to come up with innovative solutions to real life business problems.

Working in teams of four, students were given a business problem along with basic statistics to reiterate how big of a problem they were facing. The challenge gave millennials a fantastic opportunity to address a real life business challenge, working with innovative solutions to solve the business problem encountered.

A different way of thinking and approaching workplace issues

It was incredibly valuable to be part of Deakin’s Think Tank Challenge, not only to support our country’s future leaders, but to give us a real insight as to how those making up the workforce in the years to come, think and approach workplace issues. Seeing the students articulating their solutions gave us a broader picture of their expectations from a workplace.

Events such as this one encourage students to work together in teams, where they interact and discuss all views before moving on to shape the best possible solutions. Brainstorming on different perspectives encourages collaboration, driving innovation. These new skills prove priceless as they prepare to embark on their professional careers.


Insight into the motivations the next generation

Woven has always been at the forefront of new trends in the digital industry and the technology sector. It was a privilege to be part of this challenge and to interact with all of the students involved, while learning more about how young mind’s think, collaborate and devise solutions. We were able to understand what motivates the next generation and ultimately, what factors influence their career decisions.

The future of any industry is influenced by its ability to easily adapt to new challenges and evolve with them accordingly. Woven has always led from the front, working in a simplified manner, encouraging collaboration with our customers. We’re your technology partner and our commitment to you has always been to devise digital strategies that contribute towards your business’ bottom line and long-term goals.