No one loves a good trade show like we do and at this year’s Online Retailer Expo in Sydney, we had the opportunity to showcase our unique value proposition for the ecommerce industry.

At this year’s Online Retailer Expo in Sydney, our new Pronto ‘Ready’ Series and ecommerce all-in-one package, presented the perfect opportunity for Woven to share our insights and provide that all-important personal touch to those interested.

This Pronto Software solution changes the games for online retailers – offering an affordable, powerful and all-encompassing system that enables ecommerce and supports it with full back-of-house functionality. Over the course of the expo, we listened to many stories from companies about the time and resources it took to ‘tie together’ multiple pieces of software – Frustratingly for many customers despite the investment they did not come close to getting the functionality we provide our customers. With Avenue and Pronto Ready, online retailers have the tools to success, straight out of the box.

Takeaways from the Expo

There were a few key running themes during the two-day expo and as always, different retailers and speakers, weren’t shy about sharing their different perspectives. Customer experience (in particular, defining what that essentially means) and data were both incredibly topical, as was the evolution of business to cater for the future of ecommerce. The discussion around building loyalty brands essentially feeds into a key question retailers should be asking themselves on a daily basis: how can we convert customers and then keep them coming back in the long-term for more?


Simplicity with all-in-one ecommerce and ERP

Consider this conversation: a business owner at the Expo threw many questions our way regarding Avenue’s back of house capabilities. Our response? “That’s all out of the box with Pronto” - for basically every question! Sound too good to be true?

When it comes to managing ecommerce – the back-end is often where the melt-down begins for most retailers. Typically you are forced to use different systems to manage warehouse, inventory, distribution, suppliers and other key areas which are then patched together via APIs, or worse, manual data exports/imports. This creates frustrating API, feature and usage limitations – preventing seamless integration and inflating your overheads. A front-end ecommerce solution that is fully integrated with powerful ERP software delivers the insight a retailer needs to make decision that support exponential growth.


How Avenue remains relevant after 40 years in business

Sure, the big 4-0 is an impressive number but the ability to stay relevant comes down to offering real business value. The Online Retailer Expo reiterated just how much tangible value Woven offers our clients through Avenue’s all-in-one solution with Pronto Xi.

We recognise the importance of integrating with third party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay as well as other add-ons. That’s exactly why we’re always looking to improve our platform. It’s our unique capacity to integrate to Pronto that continues to provide ongoing value for our existing customers.


Staying up to date with what’s happening at Woven

Things are always changing at Woven - this ensures our long-term success. If you’re interested in learning how an in-house integration of your ecommerce platform can transform your existing business practices with Pronto Software, contact your Account Manager. And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news straight out of HQ and other interesting updates that help keep your business one step ahead of the competition.


If you’re not already a Woven customer, feel free to contact us about how we can help you with your business’ unique ecommerce needs.