A good Digital Strategy contributes towards your larger, long-term business goals. When we talk about Digital Strategy, we’re really talking about keeping pace with digital technologies and incorporating them into your business on a daily basis. Doing so ensures you remain competitive, while increasing productivity and working towards targeted endpoints in the online marketplace.

What should your Digital Strategy look like?

Woven is a digital agency that works closely with our clients to devise a Digital Strategy that best suits them as every business’ needs differ. Ideally, your Strategy should be contributing towards increased revenue, higher efficiency and productivity rates. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Digital Strategy - it’s important that time and resources invested are in-line with the business’ vision and mission. An up-to-date Digital Strategy can be a key driver towards business success as it paves the way for quality communication through various online channels.

The key components of a quality Digital Strategy include:

Online presence - this includes everything from a responsive website to social media, corporate advertising profiles, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, mobile banners, e-books and so on.

Selling online - your strategy needs to assist customers to make choices while feeling comfortable wherever they are. This may mean you need to allocate staff resources to other channels.

Interaction - includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, web chat, social media chat/management as well as customer and supplier interaction.

The implementation of technology within the organisation - this relates to the implementation of technology within the workplace by introducing shared online work benches, conducting planning and resourcing using online tools for team visibility, providing real-time performance appraisals, interacting with team members using internal chat tools and so on.

Online security - we can’t overstate how important this one is as it entails providing secure platforms for both internal (organisational) and external users (customers), secure and certified payment gateways and so on.

Cloud hosting - refers to the ability to save and share resources online.

Maintaining your Digital Strategy

It’s one thing to devise a Digital Strategy, it’s another thing to ensure that it is properly maintained. Continual input from all necessary parties needs to be mandatory for any Digital Strategy to be effective and successful. It is also wise to conduct periodic and regular audits as both can reveal vital information that you can use to test the effectiveness of the strategies currently in place. Any good Digital Strategy should involve testing and experimentation with the aim to constantly maximise results and increase productivity.

We’ve seen numerous businesses progress from being novices to leading the way in their market in the online space thanks largely to the success of their Digital Strategy. If you’re unsure of what your Digital Strategy should or needs to look like, Woven is able to assist in developing a strategy that complements your overall Business Strategy. We work with local businesses based in Melbourne and companies all around Australia.

Kick-start your road to an effective Digital Strategy by contacting Woven today.