It’s fair to say  Mark Zuckerberg’s start to 2018 has not gone to plan. As marketers, it’s crucial not to become distracted by the headlines we’re reading because it’s safe to say Facebook is here to stay.

There’s no doubt the advertising landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years with advertisers seeing incredible potential in social media advertising. At Woven, we’ve got a front row seat in terms of the results being generated thanks to our latest integration with Facebook Login and Facebook Pixel, two trademark functionalities within the broader Facebook group.

Fact: Facebook is the most universally used social media platform among users (we’re talking 94% of social media users are on Facebook).

In other words, if you’re not utilising Facebook to strategically promote your business to current and future clients, you’re missing out!

Woven’s new Facebook Login integration paves the way for a far simpler user experience. It allows for any of your customers who have an existing Facebook account (who doesn’t!?) to create a new account/login with a couple of clicks thanks to their pre-existing Facebook credentials. It makes the experience seamless and incredibly easy for your customers and here’s the real stroke of genius: it can increase and enhance your customer engagement.

Our latest integration allows for engagement with Facebook Pixel and its ad re-targeting functionality. This enables you to focus your advertising on people already engaging with your company’s Facebook page via specific ads, based on their use of your Avenue website. Of course, you’re still able to engage in targeting people more generally who are attached to your company’s Facebook page.

Technology is opening up doors that once upon a time, we could only dream of. In the world of sales, Facebook’s platform is a goldmine for companies in the know about how to use the platform to maximise their bottom line. We’re passionate about helping existing Avenue clients to engage with their customers more effectively in the social media space and online.

Interested? Let’s chat about how Facebook Login and Facebook Pixel are supported through our latest integration. Increasing customer engagement and marketing to your ideal customers doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll help your business to work smarter, not harder.

Contact us to discuss how our latest integration can give your business a boost.