The best solutions are developed when we work collaboratively.

At Woven, we understand that the best solutions are developed when we work collaboratively with our clients. This way of working is essential to our design thinking approach where we work alongside clients so that we can problem solve together.

When we talk about design thinking, we’re referring to a creative process for problem solving almost any business issue, while improving customer experience. This is a balanced approach that considers what is desired from a human point of view, with what is technologically possible and cost-effective. With design thinking we are not just thinking about the visual aspects of a product or a website, we are thinking about the overall experience that it offers.

Woven design thinking framework.

Our Woven design thinking framework, results in our team going beyond this simple definition to factor in purpose, planning and the intent behind an action, fact or material object. Design thinking is so effective because it allows us to empathise with your customers and focus on placing you in their shoes. This gives you the firsthand experience that allows you to consider their needs, wants and desires when designing so that the end product will help your target market to achieve their goals, while paving the way for your business to make conversions.

It’s incredibly important to understand your customers and doing so involves doing your homework. As part of the process, we need to work collaboratively with diverse teams, both from your organisation and ours, in addition to your customers. This means that with any given project, we could be working with team members from your accounts or IT department, your product team, supply chain and so on. This assists us in building a product that incorporates the knowledge from the many different areas within your business to capture as much expertise as possible so that we can deliver the best end product possible.

An iterative process with many tools.

Design thinking sees our team using many tools and a process that assists us in focusing our attention on empathy, brainstorming, iteration and collaboration. These tools are varied and we use them as required. There is no one size fits all approach to design thinking - different tools are required for each unique project.

The framework is an iterative process that goes hand-in-hand with agile software development, which allows for adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvement. This approach encourages rapid and flexible response to change with the intent to constantly improve the prototype.

Utilising agile framework, we are able to break down any project into smaller sections that are referred to as sprints. Sprints enable us to focus on the most important work first. This is highly beneficial as the solutions we work on and deliver are flexible in nature. We’re able to make modifications easily as the project progresses and then use project sponsors to pass on their feedback in real time as work is delivered in these sprints. Our Woven team responds by taking this feedback into account and shaping the project accordingly.

Design thinking for your next project.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the digital space with new cutting-edge digital solutions being delivered at a rapid rate. Devising a compelling customer experience will continue to be a key differentiator when we determine the success of a solution. When design thinking is used effectively and by an experienced team, it can help to ensure that the ultimate end goal - increased customer satisfaction - is likely to be met by any new solution or product.

Is your organisation working with a new idea for your next ecommerce project? Our experienced team at Woven is on-hand and ready to utilise a design thinking approach to assist you in meeting your business’ long-term goals. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.